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Naval Medical Research
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Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory



Mitigate and prevent leading factors associated with aviation mishaps.
Protect and enhance the health, readiness, and performance of aircrew.

The Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory (NAMRL) is equipped with capabilities in acceleration and sensory science, biomedical, and engineering and technical services, all of which are supported by a unique collection of state-of-the-science research devices. NAMRL's human-rated motion platforms include the disorientation research device - the KrakenTM, the Visual Vestibular Sphere Device, the Vertical Linear Accelerator and the Neuro-Otologic test Center. Each device has unique motion profiles, affording independent control of visual and vestibular stimuli to isolate sensory interactions associated with spatial disorientation and motion sickness. The altitude effects program can operate up to six Reduced Oxygen Breathing Devices, each of which can simulate altitude exposures at up to 34k' under normobaric conditions. NAMRL's vision suite has a full array of ophthalmic equipment. Our unique research portfolio enables us to transition validated knowledge and effective technologies to the fleet, mitigating and preventing leading factors associated with aeromedical mishaps.​


Altitude Effects Laboratory

Motion Sickness Countermeasures


UAS Personnel Selection

Spatial Disorientation

Disorientation Research Device: The KrakenTM

Vision Standards and Performance​

Training and Virtual Environments Laboratory

Applied Physiology





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