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Naval Medical Research
and Development
Enterprise Laboratories


The Office of Partnerships & Business Development (OPBD) of the Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) is responsible for facilitating the commercialization of Navy-developed biomedical technologies for the benefit of warfighters, the U.S. public, and others around the world. In order to help move federally-developed products into the marketplace, the office identifies and performs commercial analyses of technologies developed by Navy scientists, and seeks to establish licensing agreements with parties interested in developing these technologies.  OPBD nurtures and promotes business relationships with current and potential patent licensees of Navy biomedical patents. The office negotiates agreements that support the commercialization and widespread availability of the technologies, while enabling our commercial partners to flourish. Several technologies available for licensing can be found at the TechLink site.

Additionally, the OPBD facilitates various collaborative research partnership arrangements. These partnerships are typically between an organization within the naval medical research enterprise and a non-Government entity (e.g., corporation, university, research institute or foundation) worldwide. These partnerships tend to focus on researching and developing specific biotechnology products, and are authorized under 15 U.S.C. 3710(a). Under separate arrangements, OPBD also assists in memorializing partnerships with other federal organizations, such the Dept. of State and the CDC, often for the purposes of research, education, and global disease monitoring.