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Medical Research CenterNaval Medical Research Center
    Silver Spring, Maryland
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Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (NSMRL)


Provide innovative human-centric research solutions aligned with the Submarine Force strategic direction, to sustain superiority in the undersea domain.



index.jpgThe Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (NSMRL) provides research solutions to the most medically challenging platform in the Navy, the US Submarine. NSMRL serves the submarine fleet by taking the lead in undersea human factors, sensory sciences, and operational medicine, delivering timely evidenced-based healthcare solutions.

The Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory is located in the historic US Submarine Base New London Dispensary, Medical Research section which was tasked in 1942 to provide "answers to problems in communications, vision, personnel selection, and environmental medicine which resulted from wartime demands on the submarine force".  Four years later, the Medical Research Laboratory was formally established, with a mandate to select personnel for training at the Naval Submarine School, instruct hospital corpsmen and medical officers in submarine medicine, and conduct research in medical aspects of submarine duty and diving, including night and color vision, human engineering, and personnel selection methods. 

Sixty years after its establishment, the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory plays a vital role in the Global War on Terrorism, supporting US Naval Submarine Forces and other warfighters with its dedicated, innovative and productive team of psychologists, audiologists, physicians, physiologists, engineers, divers and support staff.  Preserving the health and enhancing the performance of our warfighters through focused submarine, diving and surface research solutions, NSMRL is the Department of Defense's First Choice in Undersea Biomedical Research.

Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory