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Naval Medical Research Center Welcomes New Director for Field Laboratory Operations
Released: 2/7/2017

From Naval Medical Research Center Public Affairs
 SILVER SPRING, Md - The Naval Medical Research Center selected James Andrews, Ph.D. as the new Director of Field Laboratory Operations.

SILVER SPRING, Md. – The Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) selected James Andrews, Ph.D. as the new Director of Field Laboratory Operations (FLO).  
Andrews has many day-to-day administrative and scientific responsibilities, including assuring researchers at NMRC and the laboratories across enterprise succeed.
“Part of giving researchers the chance to succeed includes identifying their needs and the needs of the various programs,” said Andrews. It isn’t uncommon to find the Director of FLO as the interface between the various commands, headquarters, and higher authority. 
Communicating and identifying problems or areas of concern is a major role as Director of FLO. “It is important to be mindful of the importance of good communication between sponsors, researchers, leadership, and higher authority. I want to ensure our Navy Medicine research and development programs are flexible enough to answer relevant questions that may arise and to ensure that all of laboratories are continuing to research in areas that support the warfighter,” said Andrews.
NMRC enterprise researchers focus on warfighter health and operational readiness and addressing potential health threats ranging from highly pathogenic organisms to combat injuries.
“All of the work done is to keep warfighters healthy, informed, and ready for whatever might come their way in a variety of operational settings,” said Andrews. “The value our labs provide is helping us with communicating, applying, and advancing science in order to keep the warfighters safe and healthy, while doing our best to predict the future needs of Navy Medicine research and development.”
The goals of the R&D enterprise are to deliver high-value, high-impact research products to support and protect today's deployed warfighters. At the same time researchers are looking to the readiness and well-being of future forces.
In support of the Navy, Marine Corps, and joint U.S. warfighters, researchers study infectious diseases; biological warfare detection and defense; combat casualty care; environment health concerns; bone marrow research and registry; aerospace and undersea medicine; medical modeling, simulation and operational mission support; and epidemiology and behavioral sciences.
Navy Medicine's research and development laboratories are engaged in a broad spectrum of activity from basic science in the laboratories to field studies at sites in remote areas of the world and in operational environments. The capabilities and the geographical locations of the laboratories reflect the broad mission of Navy Medicine's Research and Development enterprise. With a cadre of scientific leadership and technical expertise focusing on force health protection and enhancing deployment readiness, the research teams represent years of experience in science, medicine and the military.
Naval Medical Research and Development