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NAMRU-Dayton hosts Aerospace Medicine Research Alignment and Collaboration
Released: 7/14/2017

By Megan Mudersbach, Naval Medical Research Unit- Dayton Public Affairs

July 11-13, 2017. Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton hosted the fourth annual Aerospace Medicine Research Alignment and Collaboration working group in Dayton, Ohio. Attendees included representatives from military and industry organizations.

DAYTON – Naval Medical Research Unit- Dayton (NAMRU-D) sponsored the fourth annual Aerospace Medicine Research Alignment and Collaboration (AMRAC) working group, July 11-13.
The working group is geared toward past and current aerospace medicine research, programmatic research objectives, future research, and potential collaborations across military and industry organizations.  
“AMRAC is a unique opportunity for aeromedical directors and other key members to come together to coordinate research, ensuring our government labs provide the best service to both military and civilian aviation,” said Captain Rees Lee, commanding officer, NAMRU-D.
During the three-days, more than 45 attendees joined to discuss relevant and timely issues pertaining to aeromedical research initiatives. Discussions focused on minimizing overlap of research efforts to foster research collaboration.
“This group is not only tri-service, this group of folks comes together from across the government to tackle problems that still threaten our aviators every day,” said Brigadier General Mark Koeniger, Commander, 711th Human Performance Wing (HPW), Wright- Patterson Air Force Base,  during opening remarks, “There’s a lot of experience in this room.”
Cmdr. Michael Lowe, Deputy Director, Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, NAMRU-D, spear headed the AMRAC planning and execution team. Lowe structured the agenda to include briefings from each organization, a tour of the Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory facilities, and breakout sessions to highlight ways forward to improve future research.
USAFSAM will host the next AMRAC meeting, January 18, 2018, in conjunction with their 100th anniversary celebration.
Attendees came from NAMRU-D, 711 HPW, United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, Unites States Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, Federal Aviation Association Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA) Ames, NASA Langley, NASA Johnson Space Center, Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory, and Navy Experimental Diving Unit.
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