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NAMRU-SA Celebrates the U.S. Navy's 242nd Birthday at the Texas Regional Navy Ball
Released: 10/20/2017

From Naval Medical Research Unit - San Antonio Public Affairs
Capt. Thomas C. Herzig (center), commanding officer, NAMRU-SA; Capt. Barry D. Adams (left), executive officer, NAMRU-SA;  and Dr. Sylvain Cardin (right), chief science director, NAMRU-SA; proudly joined Navy commands across southern Texas to celebrate the 242nd birthday of the United States Navy in downtown San Antonio, Texas,  Oct 20. (Photo courtesy of NAMRU-SA Public Affairs)

SAN ANTONIO – Naval Medical Research Unit - San Antonio (NAMRU-SA) joined Navy commands across Southern Texas to celebrate the 242nd birthday of the United States Navy in downtown San Antonio, Texas, Oct 20.
This 2017 Navy birthday theme, "Seapower to Protect and Promote," honors the brave men and women who conduct combat, training, humanitarian, rescue and other missions worldwide, protecting our interests, promoting our security and helping to shape our nation's history.

“It is an honor to celebrate our Navy’s growth and its legacy of proud history and impact across the globe,” said Capt. Thomas Herzig, commanding officer, NAMRU-SA.  “The ceremony reminds us of where we came from and honors the passing on of that proud heritage.”
More than a dozen sea service commands in the San Antonio area gather annually to celebrate the Navy birthday. This year, Navy Medicine Education, Training and Logistics Command (NMETLC) coordinated and hosted the annual event, which has grown exponentially in recent years.
More than 400 active duty service members, retired service members, civilians, contractors and spouses attended the Texas Regional Navy Ball.  Community leaders and Joint Base San Antonio leaders from the Army and Air Force were also in attendance at the Navy celebration.
To honor the Navy’s birthday, the event included speeches, presentations on Navy history, a reading of the significance of the time-honored prisoner of war/ missing in action (POW/MIA) table, the ringing of nine bells signifying the past and the future of the Navy and a retiring of the colors, and a traditional cake cutting.
“The Navy birthday is a big deal,” said Rear Adm. Rebecca McCormick-Boyle, commander, NMELTC. She continued, “we’ve all come together to think about what we do. What we do in this room and in this city, in this community – we are recruiters, we are teachers, we are medics, we are law enforcement, we are cyber security, we are research, we support a great mission.”
The event was one of many held around the country to recognize the service and heritage of the U.S. Navy since its founding.
San Antonio is home to NAMRU-SA, one of the Navy’s leading research and development laboratories and several training commands, including the ‘A’ Schools for the Navy’s two largest ratings, hospital corpsmen (HM) and master-at-arms (MA), as well as one of the largest recruiting districts in the state of Texas.
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