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NMRC-A Shares Importance of New Clinical Research Center in Malaysia
Released: 12/12/2017

From Naval Medical Research Center – Asia Public Affairs

Lt. Cmdr. Tupur Husain (center), NMRC- Asia researcher, with Malaysian collaborators discussing future  research projects (Photo credit: Gregory C. Gray, Naval Medical Research Center – Asia Public Affairs)

SINGAPORE –  A Naval Medical Research Center – Asia (NMRC-A) researcher attended the opening ceremony of Segi University Clinical Research Center at Sibu Hospital, Sibu, Malaysia, October 11.

“Research directed towards the early detection of acute novel respiratory viruses is of particular interest to the military because emerging respiratory viruses are not only a hazard to individuals living in Southeast Asia, but they also threaten the health of U.S. military members and government personnel working in the region,” said Lt. Cmdr. Tupur Husain, who attended the meeting, a microbiologist and Department Head of Research Support, NMRC-A.

He continued, “This research center will provide a means to improve the region’s diagnostic and research capabilities, especially when it comes to novel respiratory infections, which have caused considerable morbidity and mortality across the region.”

During the ceremony, Segi University Vice Chancellor, Dr. Patrick Kee, said, “we are working towards a common goal of improving the understanding of factors contributing to the spread of illness and ultimately, enhancing preparedness and the development of prevention strategies of disease outbreaks in Malaysia.”

Also in attendance at the event were representatives and staff from Segi University, the Malaysian Ministry of Health, and Duke University.

NMRC-A supports U.S. interests in the Pacific Theatre to advance diplomacy in the region by conducting infectious disease research and improving disease surveillance and outbreak response assistance for infectious disease of critical public health importance to the United States and regional partners.
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