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Navy Medicine Research and Development Enterprise Researchers Conclude Discussing Unique Medical Needs of the Warfighter at MHSRS
Released: 8/30/2018

Naval Medical Research Center Public Affairs

​Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) scientists wrapped up presenting their work to support the unique medical needs of the warfighter at the 2018 Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS), Aug. 23.

During the symposium, held at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Kissimmee, Florida they were joined by their colleagues from across the Navy Medicine Research and Development Enterprise, some travelling from as far away as Ghana, Lima, Peru and Singapore.

Enterprise scientists presented their work on countering wound infections, malaria, pneumonia, arthritis, enroute care, global health engagement, the health and readiness of military families, enhancing human performance and survivability in extreme environments, managing physiological episodes in military aviation and more, and discussed how to best protect the health of warfighters on and off the battlefield.

“What I like about this meeting is that we can start conversations,” said Capt. Adam Armstrong, commander, Naval Medical Research Center. “We can discuss different aspects of research and we can keep talking and exchanging thoughts.”

As the Department of Defense’s (DoD) premier scientific meeting, MHSRS provides a cooperative environment for military medical care providers with deployment experience, DoD scientists, academia, and industry to exchange information on research and health care advancements within the areas of combat casualty care, military operational medicine, clinical and rehabilitative medicine, and military infectious disease research programs. It emphasizes common areas of knowledge to maximize synergy among all branches of the military service, while acknowledging service-specific capabilities. It is the only scientific meeting that addresses the unique medical needs of the warfighter.

“The next fight is going to be very different from what we’ve faced in past conflicts. We need to look beyond the golden hour to the platinum ten minutes. What are we doing to stop the bleeding? What are we doing to ensure our hospital corpsmen have the training they need,” said Rear Adm. Bruce Gillingham, director, medical resources, plans and policy, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. “Innovation occurs through the collision and exchange of ideas.”

NMRC's eight laboratories are engaged in a broad spectrum of activity from basic science in the laboratory to field studies at sites in austere and remote areas of the world to operational environments. In support of the Navy, Marine Corps, and joint U.S. warfighters, researchers study infectious diseases; biological warfare detection and defense; combat casualty care; environmental health concerns; aerospace and undersea medicine; medical modeling, simulation and operational mission support; and epidemiology and behavioral sciences.

“Navy Medicine’s R&D Enterprise is entrusted to deliver high-value, high-impact research products to support and protect today’s warfighters,” Armstrong said. “Engaging our sister services and partners in industry, host countries and academia to meet the research requirements that we address is crucial for success and development of the military medical research portfolio.”

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