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2018 Navy Junior Optometrist, NAMRU-Dayton Scientist
Released: 11/21/2018

Story by Megan Mudersbach

LCDR Micah Kinney.jpg
​Lt. Cmdr. Micah Kinney, Naval Aerospace Optometrist (OD) assigned to Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton (NAMRU-Dayton), received the 2018 Navy Junior Optometrist of the Year award from the Armed Forces Optometric Society (AFOS) during the Federal Service Optometry Meeting in San Antonio, November 5.

The AFOS award recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of AFOS and Optometry.

“I was surprised considering how many great ODs we have serving the Navy. I know there are many of my colleagues out there doing great things to support the warfighter and it is a huge honor to have been selected,” said Lt. Cmdr. Kinney.

For Lt. Cmdr. Kinney serving in the military has led to learning from professionals not only in his field but in many other fields in medicine and military settings. “Having the opportunity to receive mentorship is priceless,” he said.

At NAMRU-Dayton Lt. Cmdr. Kinney works with the vision science team at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory (NAMRL) and is the Department Head for the Acceleration and Sensory Sciences Department.

“I am excited for the great things we are doing at NAMRU-Dayton. We have been very fortunate to work with our Air Force colleagues to address eye protection for the U.S. Coast Guard aviation fleet,” said Lt. Cmdr. Kinney. The final phase of flight testing of USAF prototypes is set to begin in January 2019.

In addition, Lt. Cmdr. Kinney is supporting a joint project between NAMRU-Dayton and Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (NAMI), Pensacola looking at the impact of reduced vision on aviator performance. The study is geared to help guide waiver and return to duty policy for U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps aviation personnel.

Since Lt. Cmdr. Kinney was a kid he wanted to serve our country. Growing up around the Marines and Navy as a boy in North Carolina he said, “He always carried a high respect for those who served.”

“When the opportunity arose for me to use my professional skills to help make sure that Marines, Sailors, and aviators can do their jobs at their best, I jumped at the chance,” said Lt. Cmdr. Kinney.

“My work with the vision science team here at NAMRU-Dayton and my prior assignments have helped guide policy, enhance warfighter performance, and ultimately helped those who protect our freedoms,” said Lt. Cmdr. Kinney.

NAMRU-Dayton’s vision science lab research efforts are comprised of color vision assessment for special-duty occupations, the impact of laser veiling glare on aviator human performance, special duty vision standards, human visual performance in chem-bio operating environments, and weapon-platform specific eye protection test and evaluation.

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