National Guard / Reserve Units (Traditional)


** Do not send a copy of your military ID card or put your full SSN on any of the forms as it is a HIPAA violation and could put you at risk for identity theft **


National Guard and Reserve units must have an account set up with NOSTRA prior to ordering, and most units have these account established.

If there is a question regarding account status, or if there is need to set up a new account, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.

All units are encouraged to use the Spectacle Request Transmission System [SRTS]. This is an electronic, automated glasses ordering system that improves order accuracy, puts glasses in the patients' hand in a more timely manner, and also gives deployed personnel the ability to reorder lost or damaged eyewear from APO/FPO locations.  Please contact the SRTS Program Office for assistance in getting started.

If not using SRTS, the following information must be included on the DD-771 form. 

  • Unit account number
  • A fund citation
  • Billing address
  • Indicate that the recipient is a member of the National Guard or Reserve
  • The unit to which the member is assigned
  • The state in which the unit is located 


Guard / Reserve military members who are activated may then follow the same guidelines and eligibilities as for Active Duty members.

 More information may be found in the new Ophthalmic Services Instruction dated 15 May 2015.