NHCPR Laboratory

The Laboratory Services team at Patuxent River MTF has business hours that align with those of the clinic. The clinic's hours are from 0700 to 1630 Monday through Friday except on Wednesdays when the clinic closes from 0700 - 0930. We are also closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Call 301-342-2748 for additional information.

Many tests that are collected here are mailed out to other labs for processing both in the area and farther away. We see enrollees on a "walk-in" basis; no appointment is generally required. However, some test require special preparation or special collection tubes. Patients are encouraged to contact the laboratory if they have questions regarding the requirements for their laboratory tests. Please ask your provider if you are required to fast or any other special instructions prior to the laboratory procedure. Note that the laboratory staff are not authorized to give out test results. You must contact your provider for results.

Laboratory Credentials

  • Nationally Surveyed and Accredited Laboratory (College of American Pathologists)
  • Nationally Credentialed and Certified Staff (American Society of Clinical Pathologists)
  • Comprehensive and Extensive Monitoring of all Operational and Testing Modules

NHCPR Laboratory Hours

Mon - Tue: 0700 - 1600

Wed: 0930 - 1630

Thu - Fri: 0700 - 1630

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: CLOSED

Call 301-342-2748 for additional information.

What to Bring With You

If you have tests that are being ordered by a civilian provider then you must have a prescription for the requested tests. Please bring all health care insurance cards and enrollments. Please contact the lab directly if you are unsure of any required insurance validations.



Department Head

Charles Johnson