NHCPR Occupational Health


Occupational Health has moved to the main clinic building 1370 in an effort to improve the Occupational Health and Physical Health Assessment processes for beneficiaries. Optometry services and the Occupational Health departments are operational side by side each other in the main clinic.

The Occupational Medicine Clinic is staffed by one RN, one LPN, a Hearing Training Specialist, and an Audiology Technician to meet your health needs. Our Occupational Health physician position is currently vacant.










General Information

Injury Claims Process for Federal Civilian Employees Serviced by HRO Patuxent River Employees who are injured on the job must immediately report every job-related injury or illness to their supervisor.

Employees should report to the Occupational Medicine Clinic, now in the main NHCPR clinic. Employees do not have to be treated at the Clinic but can elect to be treated by a physician of their choice (usually located within 25 miles of residence/work). Supervisors must issue a Medical Referral (OPNAV 5100/9)(formerly called Dispensary Permit) to the employee to be treated at the Occupational Health Clinic. This form is also available on the HRO web page. If an Occupational Medicine physician is not available, employees can go to an Urgent Care Facility, i.e., Breton Medical for treatment. Employees are urged to contact the Occupational Medicine Clinic at 301-342-1496 for an appointment. Employees who sustain an on-the-job injury of such severity that requires immediate medical attention (severe lacerations, possible fractures and head/neck injuries) should be transported to the closest civilian emergency medical facility.

Employees who do not receive treatment at the Occupational Medicine Clinic should obtain a form CA-16, "Authorization for Examination and/or Treatment," from the Injury Compensation Office at HRO, Building 1489, Room 124. This form is only issued by HRO within 48 hours from the time of the traumatic injury.

To file a claim for an on-the-job traumatic injury, employees must complete for CA-1, "Federal Employee's Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation." This form must be completed in its entirety by the employee and supervisor and forwarded to the Injury Compensation Office, HRO Bldg 1489, Room 124 within 2 workdays from the date the supervisor receives notice. The dispensary permit, CA-16 or a disability note from the treating physician must be attached to provide the work status. To file a claim for an Occupational Illness, employees must complete form CA-2, "Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation." These forms are available on the HRO web page or from the Injury Compensation Office.

Employees are responsible for advising their physician that light duty may be available if unable to return to full duty. The supervisor will determine if light duty is available.

Employees who are unable to return to work due to a traumatic injury can elect Continuation of Pay (COP) if they are totally disabled and have supporting medical documentation. COP can be granted up to 45 calendar days from the date of injury. The date of injury is reported on the time sheet as Code LU for either 1 hour if the employee continued to work for the hours the employee was unable to work on the date of injury. This code is used only to identify the date of injury. Lost time after the date of injury is reported on the time sheet as code LT up to the 45 calendar day entitlement.

Employees/supervisors must notify the Injury Compensation Program Office, HRO at 301-342-6867 or 301-342-6868 of the time of the injury ASAP.

Supervisors are also responsible for notifying their appropriate Safety POC of any mishap.

For further guidance employees/supervisors can contact Ms. Debbie Owen at 301-342-6867 or Ms. Karen Delucca at 732-323-4357.

Medical Surveillance & Certification Exams

Supervisors who would like to send their employees (civil service, non appropriated fund, or active duty) for a medical surveillance or certification exam must use the "Supervisor's Medical Surveillance and Certification Exam Referral" SECNAV 5100/1 form.

Employees must call 301.342.1496 for an appointment to be seen and bring the Supervisor's exams referral form at the time of their appointment.

NHCPR Occupational Health Hours & Appointments

All patients are seen by appointment. Call 301-342-1496 for details.

Mon - Fri: 0700 - 1530

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: CLOSED

Available Services

Occupational Medicine provides the following services at Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River:

  • Medical Surveillance Examinations
  • Certification Medical Examinations
  • Suitability/Disability Examinations
  • Occupational Injury/Illness Treatment (civil service only)
  • FECA Case Management
  • Audiology
  • Spirometry
  • Consultative Services (reproductive health, travel medicine, TB, HRO referrals)


What to Bring With You

If recently coming from one TRICARE region to another, you must bring your yellow enrollment form. If currently enrolled in regional TRICARE, be sure to bring your identification card. If you have tests that are being ordered by a civilian provider then you must have a prescription for the requested tests.