Services at Navy Det MGMCSC

Serving Military personnel with:

  • Primary Care
  • Aviation & general physical examinations
  • Medical readiness & physical evaluation of the Ready Reserve & candidates
  • General dentistry
  • Health promotion

Serving all Employees with Occupational Health

  • Medical Surveillance
  • Certification exams
  • Treatment, referral, and case management of acute & chronic occupational injuries & illnesses
  • Occupational audiology services in support of the hearing conservation program
  • Preventive services such as immunizations to prevent disease due to occupational exposure
  • Health promotion



Medical surveillance - Based on the Occupational Safety & Health Act, this program ensures healthful working conditions by administering test to assess the possible health effects of the hazards that you face on your job. OSHA-mandated medical tests are conducted as well as tests for toxic chemical exposure.

Certification exams - Pre-placement exams to determine if you are fit for duty or medically qualified for your job.

For Appointments

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