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Patient Administration

*** Please Remember to Bring Your Military ID ***
Welcome to the Naval Hospital Pensacola (NHP) Patient Administration website.
The Patient Administration Department is committed to providing quality customer service to the staff and patients of NHP. For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact our customer service representative office at (850) 505-6214.
Our Mission:
Force Health Protection and Family Centered Care.
Contact Information:
Postal Address
6000 W. Highway 98
Pensacola, FL 32512-0003
Phone Numbers:
Office 850-505-6539 or Admissions Cell 850-375-0972
After Hours 850-505-6384
Birth Certificates
Decedent Affairs
Exceptional Family Member Program
Inpatient Records
Limited Duty (Last Names A-K)
Limited Duty (Last Names L-Z)
Marine Liaison
MEDEVAC Coordinator
Medical Boards
Operational Force Medial Liaison
Outpatient Records
Overseas Screening
Patient Admin Front Desk
Temporary Disability Retirement List
(Last Names A-K) 505-6919
(Last Names L-Z) 505-6212
Our Sections:
Patient Administration Front Desk 850-505-6303/6448
The Patient Admin Front Desk is here to answer any questions you have that pertain to Patient Admin.
We provide administrative services in the following areas:
      ·   Pre-admissions
      ·   Admissions
      ·  Inpatient Observation
·   Process Ambulatory Procedure Visits (APV)
      ·  Advance Directive Information & Forms
      ·  Third Party Insurance Information & Forms
      ·  Patient’s Rights & Responsibilities
When you are scheduled to be admitted by your physician, you may access and pre-admit yourself.  Complete the admissions form in its entirety and submit for review. Please note we are unable to store wallets or cell phones within the patient valuables safe. All persons knowingly being admitted to Naval Hospital Pensacola are encouraged to leave any unnecessary valuables at home or with a loved one. When you are admitted to the hospital, we will provide you or your spouse with the completed pre-admission form for your signature.  Admissions staff are located on the first floor of NH Pensacola across from the pharmacy.
Birth Certificates 850-505-6303
The birth certificates office is located on the 7th floor of NHP.  Our staff is here to prepare birth certificate worksheets and assist in DEERS enrollment for all births occurring at NHP. The accuracy of the worksheets depends on information provided by the parent(s). Copies of birth certificates may be obtained by contacting the Vital Statistics Office at (850) 595-6531.
Decedent Affairs 850-505-6321/6214
For assistance with the decedent affairs of personnel whom the Department of the Navy is responsible for or for more information about the Burial at Sea Program please contact our office located on the 7th floor of NHP.  A NHP Decedent Affairs Officer can be reached after hours at 850-529-1490.
Exceptional Family Member Program 850-505-6183
The EFMP Coordinators are here to assist service members and their family members with enrollment into the program. For enrollment of dependents, please complete DD Form 2792. Children ages 3 to 21 require an additional form (DD 2792-1) to evaluate educational needs.  The Navy EFMP webpage linked below provides more information about the program.  Our staff is standing by to assist with registration and updates of your status.
Inpatient Records 850-505-6303/6448
Information regarding inpatient records are processed and maintained here. There are three different sections within the Inpatient Medical Records Division:
·   Coding reviews the records to assign diagnosis codes and a procedures code for each hospital visit.
·   Transcription serves all clinics throughout the hospital. All providers’ dictations are filtered through transcriptions for typing and/or distributing back to the originator for signature and filling into the medical records.
·   Other medical records staff compiles patient records, review records for completeness and archive records. The current year plus two prior years of records are maintained in Inpatient Admin.
·   Medical Records are kept in strict confidence and information is only released according to established laws and regulations.
Marine Liaison/Operational Force Medical Liaison (OFMLS) 850-505-6183
The OFMLS staff serves as a dedicated liaison between NHP and units of the operational forces in regards to assisting with medical or logistical issues.  After hours assistance for fleet liaison services can be obtained for operational units by contacting the Naval Hospital Pensacola Officer of the Day (OOD) at (850) 529-1432 or Patient Administration Department Head at (850) 776-1565.
MEDEVAC Coordinator 850-505-6321
The MEDEVAC Coordinator is here to help patients that are discharged from NHP obtain transportation home to their duty station.  After hours assistance for MEDEVAC services can be obtained for operational units by contacting the Naval Hospital Pensacola Officer of the Day (OOD) at (850) 529-1432.
Medical Boards/Limited Duty 850-505-7023
Medical Board Department is the first stop for any medical board produced at NHP and all its tenant commands. We will ensure complete and accurate processing of your medical board. SECNAVINST 1850.4E provides guidance to accomplishing our goal effectively. An integrated DOD and VA disability system, known as the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES), was established in 1006 to eliminate the duplicative, time-consuming, and often confusing elements of maintaining two separate systems.
Outpatient Records 850-505-6382
The Outpatient Records Section furnishes copies of outpatient medical records upon request.
·   For your convenience, if you need copies of your outpatient medical records sent to a civilian doctor or other civilian agency, request forms are also available. Emergency requests will be handled immediately.
·   Active duty personnel/transferring overseas or to a deploying unit may hand carry their record, for all others the record will be mailed and tracked.
Reminder – Health records are government property and must be maintained at an authorized military medical treatment facility.
Overseas Suitability Screening (OSS) 850-505-6713/6183
The OSS staff conducts medical overseas and operational screenings on service members and their families. If you or your family needs an overseas/operational screening, please call to talk to the OSS coordinator.  We located across from the pharmacy in outpatient medical records on the first floor of NHP.
Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL) (Last names A-K) 850-505-6919, (Last names L-Z) 850-505-6212
TDRL works along with CMC and NAVPERS, in accordance with SECNAVINST 1850.4E, to ensure TDRL retirees receive timely appointments every 18 months. TDRL coordinator schedules pertinent appointments for TDRL retirees and maintain constant contact with Medical Officers in order to return their current medical status to the Physical Evaluation Board promptly.
Outpatient office is located on the first floor directly across from Pharmacy.
Office hours are Monday – Friday from 0730-1600.
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