Most career opportunities at Naval Hospital Pensacola or one of the Branch Clinics are posted on



 For a list of vendors that provide contract positions to Naval Hospital

Pensacola and the Branch Clinics, send an email to  The following contract positions are currently available:

Admin Support Central Appointment Clerk - NPSC

Admin Support

Med Records - NPSC

Clinical Psychologist - Gulfport, Mississippi

Certified Medical Assistant - Gulfport, Mississippi (4)

Cook - NPSC

Dental Assistant - Millington, Tennessee

Health Educator (Non RN)

IT Lan Tech (NPSC)

LPN - Gulfport, Mississippi

MedHome Clerk - NPSC - Panama City, Florida

Pain Physician


Pharmacy Tech

Physician Assistant/FNP - Gulfport, Mississippi (2) & Pensacola, Florida


Psych Tech - New Orleans, Louisiana

RN - Gulfport, Mississippi


Naval Hospital Pensacola also offers Direct Hire Opportunities when available for the hospital or the Branch Clinics. If a Direct Hire Opportunity is listed below, click on each job for a description and instructions on how to apply. 



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