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The Navy Medicine Surgeon General’s Diversity, Inclusion, Value and Equity Interactive discussion or DIVE-IN is a series of conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. The recorded discussions encourage deck plate conversation about contemporary issues of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other identifying differences that make our society unique and diverse.  While there have been many points in history where society reflects on expectations of diversity and inclusion, the summer of 2020 presented a real opportunity for change.  Across Navy medicine leaders are seizing the moment to reflect upon their roles and find opportunities to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within their organizations. Shared perspectives and experiences gained through conversation make us a better informed, more connected, inclusive and stronger One Navy Medicine.
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Video by Todd Dorsey, Thomas Ferguson, Todd D Folts
SG Dive In Ep.3 - RADM Mary Riggs
Visual Information Directorate-NMLPDC
July 26, 2022 | 29:48
The US Navy SG sits down with RADM Mary Riggs to discuss a variety of topics that relate to her successful Navy career.
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