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Mission: Navy Medicine provides well-trained People, working as expeditionary medical experts on optimized Platforms operating as cohesive teams demonstrating high reliability Performance to project Medical Power in support of Naval Superiority.

Vision: One Navy Medicine is integrated into the Naval Force across the range of military operations, providing maritime dominance for the Nation. Navy Medicine is a high reliability team trusted by our warfighters to build and sustain medical readiness as a critical component of Integrated American Naval Power.

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Culture of Excellence

On September 20, 2021, Rear Adm. Bruce Gillingham, the Navy Surgeon General, signed the Navy Medicine Culture of Excellence Policy Statements Memorandum. The seven page document outlines how the command will “create and maintain a work environment in which all members are treated with dignity, decency, and respect,” wrote Gillingham. “We must create a culture that promotes respect, dignity, and trust for every single person by every single person.”
The document outlines how command members should act in five specific areas. They are Diversity and Inclusion; Equal Employment Opportunity; Fraternization and Consensual Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Managers; Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response; and Workplace Ant-Discrimination and Harassment.   
“These compiled policy statements provide deck plate types of behavior I expect every day from each member of Navy Medicine,” wrote Gillingham
The full policy and document are available HERE along with the previously released “Signature Behaviors of the 21st Century Sailor” manual.
Charlie Mike Flags

'Charlie Mike'

Rendering Assistance

In November 2021, BUMED adopted the “Charlie Mike” signal flags to convey our posture of “Rendering Assistance” to our warfighters.   These flag convey the message: we are keeping our warfighters in the fight and ensuring they are operationally ready for that next mission.  In Semaphore, Rendering Assistance is communicated by an Answer Pennant and two Flags -- “Charlie” and “Mike.” These signal flags will help guide us forward as we continue to deliver operational medical capabilities to our Sailors and Marines.
'Charlie Mike' Guiding Principles - PDF
'Charlie Mike' FAQs (Updated Feb, 7, 2022) - PDF
Video by BUMED PAO
Charlie Mike: One Navy Medicine is Rendering Assistance
U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Feb. 1, 2022 | 2:17
In an era long before the advent of satellites, cell phones, and radios, seafarers used a communication system based on flags and pennants. Transmitting messages over long distances is called Semaphore, and these visual signals (signal flags) enabled ships to “speak” with other ships at sea.

Both shipboard and ashore, in the field with the Greenside, and at civilian medical facilities throughout the United States the One Navy Medicine Team is proactive in rendering assistance— to warfighters and civilians alike. Recognizing this, late last year the Surgeon General approved the adoption of the “Charlie Mike” signal flags which convey the message of “Rendering Assistance.”
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