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Special Pays


16 January 2020:  The NAVADMIN releasing the approved FY20 Medical Department Special & Incentive Pay Plan is expected to be signed and released in the coming weeks,  Until that time, the following clarifications are provided:


  • If an officer’s eligibility date for a special pay is on, or after, 1 October 2019, the request cannot be submitted until the FY20 Medical Department Special & Incentive Pay Plan is approved and released.  The NAVADMIN is the authority from Chief, Navy Personnel authorizing Chief, BUMED to execute the special pays in FY20. 


  • Once the NAVADMIN is released, medical department officers will have 30 days from the date of release to submit a special pay request effective 1 October 2019, or the date the officer became eligible if after 1 October 2019.


  • Requests for Retention Bonus effective 30 September 2019, or earlier, cannot be submitted until the NAVADMIN is released, as the guidance governing these requests is included in the FY20 Medical Department Special & Incentive Pay Plan.


If you believe your pay is incorrect, or if you have any concerns regarding your Medical Special Pays, please inquire with your command HRD/ADMIN/Special Pay Coordinator or contact BUMED Special Pays at (

All inquiries, issues, and submissions to special pays are to be made to this email address. 
Note: The BUMED.SpecialPays email address is for non-encrypted emails.