About the Medical Inspector General (MEDIG)

Your command should be your first point of contact if you are cons​idering filing a complaint. This will save you time because when you submit your complaint to DoD IG or the Naval Inspector General, your complaint is forwarded to the local IG for investigation. 
If you are unable to resolve your issue using your chain of command, you may consider contacting your local IG. The IG will review your complaint to determine whether or not the issue is a matter for the IG. The IG will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and tell you if an investigation will be conducted or explain why your issue is not appropriate for investigation. 

Navy Medicine Hotline Program

​​Navy Medicine's Hotline Program is designed to strengthen and focus efforts to combat fraud, waste and mismanagement. The Medical Inspector General (MEDIG) program is of fundamental importance. It gives voice to all members of the Navy Medicine team, and ensures their concerns will be heard, considered and appropriately addressed. Follow the steps below if you have witnessed or been the target of illegal or improper acts involving fraud, waste or mismanagement:

Four-Step Hotline Complaint Procedures

Step One: Determine the best method to address your issue
Step Two: Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Step Three: Prepare to submit your hotline complaint
Step Four: Determine other avenues of redress are available to resolve complaints​

IG Contacts:


Michelle Lopez
Toll Free: 1-877-479-3832
Phone: 619-767-6068
Fax: 619-767-6058
Mailing address:
4170 Norman Scott Road
BLDG 3595
ATTN: Hotline Coordinator
San Diego, CA 92136

NAVY MEDicine​

Medical Inspector General
Toll Free: 1-800-637-6175
Commercial: 301-295-9019
Fax: 301-295-9022


Toll Free: 800-522-3451
Commercial: 202-433-6743
Fax: 202-433-2613

Department of Defense (DODIG)

Toll Free Phone: 800-424-9098


Naval Medical Center San Diego (CA):
Naval Hospital / Dental Center Camp Pendleton (CA):
Naval Hospital Bremerton (WA):
Naval Hospital Oak Harbor (WA):
Naval Hospital Lemoore (CA):
Naval Hospital 29 Palms (CA):
US Naval Hospital Guam:
US Naval Hospital Yokosuka (Japan):
US Naval Hospital / Dental Center Okinawa (Japan):
US Naval Hospital Clinic Hawaii:
Naval Medical Research Command

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