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Naval Medical Research
and Development
Enterprise Laboratories

About Us

Navy Medicine's research and development laboratories are engaged in a broad spectrum of activity from basic science in the laboratory to field studies at sites in remote areas of the world to operational environments. The capabilities and the geographical locations of the laboratories reflect the broad mission of Navy Medicine's Research and Development Enterprise. With a cadre of scientific leadership and technical expertise focusing on force health protection and enhancing deployment readiness, the research teams represent years of experience in science, medicine and the military. 

In support of the Navy, Marine Corps, and joint U.S. warfighters, researchers study infectious diseases; biological warfare detection and defense; combat casualty care; environment health concerns; bone marrow research and registry; aerospace and undersea medicine; medical modeling, simulation and operational mission support; and epidemiology and behavioral sciences.

The goal is to deliver high-value, high-impact research products to support and protect today's deployed warfighters. At the same time researchers are looking to the readiness and well-being of future forces. 

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The laboratories include:

CONUS Laboratories

Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC)

NMRC is both the Headquarters for seven subordinate RDT&E laboratories and a major research laboratory. The NMRC laboratory's research focuses on potential mission aborting infectious disease agents and infectious disease vaccine development; operational and undersea medicine; bone marrow research and registry, and biological defense. 

Naval Health Research Center (NHRC)

NHRC's research focuses on medical modeling and simulation, warfighter performance, deployment health, operational infectious diseases and the DoD HIV/AIDS prevention program. Most of the work conducted at the laboratory is in the advanced development stage and requires close and continuous interaction with operational units of the Navy, Marine Corps, and DoD.

Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (NSMRL)

NSMRL is DoD's center of undersea research focusing on protecting the health and enhancing the performance of warfighters through submarine, ping and surface biomedical research efforts. Researchers are taking the lead in studies focusing on submariner wellness, psychological fitness, shipboard health and performance, underwater bioeffects, submarine survival and escape, and human systems.

Naval Medical Research Unit—San Antonio (NAMRU-SA)

NAMRU-SA conducts medical, dental and directed energy biomedical research focusing on ways to enhance the health, safety, performance, and operational readiness of Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Researchers address emergent medical and dental problems in routine and combat operations. 

Naval Medical Research Unit—Dayton (NAMRU-D)

NAMRU-D focuses on maximizing warfighter performance and survivability through aeromedical and environmental health research. Key areas are spatial disorientation; situational awareness; motion sickness; unusual acceleration environments; fatigue, vision and hearing studies; effects of altitude; and the toxicity of chemicals and materials used in military operations.

OCONUS Laboratories  

Naval Medical Research Center—Asia (NMRC-A)

NMRC-A conducts medical research and disease surveillance on infectious tropical diseases of critical military importance to the United States and regional partners. NAMRU-A also operates a detachment laboratory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Naval Medical Research Unit—No. 3 (NAMRU-3)

NAMRU-3 conducts research and surveillance on emerging and re-emerging infectious disease threats of military and public health importance and develops mitigation strategies against these threats in collaboration with host nations and international and U.S. partners. The laboratory is a World Health Organization collaborating partner and serves as the regional reference laboratory for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. 

U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit—No. 6 (NAMRU-6) 

NAMRU-6 conducts research and surveillance on emerging and re-emerging infectious disease threats of military and public health importance to diminish the threat and develops prevention and therapeutic strategies to support public health interests in partnership with the host nation and other partners in South and Central America. NAMRU-6 conducts research and surveillance of a wide range of infectious diseases of military or public health significance in the region.

Naval Medical Research and Development