Tobacco cessation courses are offered at a variety of locations including ashore and afloat commands as well as Navy medical treatment facilities (MTFs). The Tobacco Cessation Facilitator Training course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required to become Tobacco Cessation Facilitators at their local command in order to assist others with quitting tobacco.

The Tobacco Cessation Facilitator Training course will familiarize attendees with individual and group treatment program approaches as well as the counseling skills and knowledge to effectively help tobacco users quit their addiction. In this course, attendees will learn the components of the American Cancer Society’s Freshstart® tobacco cessation program, as well as additional topics useful for conducting tobacco cessation such as facilitation skills and behavior change. Attendees will also receive materials and guidance to execute tobacco cessation programming at the local level.


Tobacco Cessation


Advocates for tobacco free living to include health promotion staff, command fitness leaders, etc.

Pre-Requisites and Requirements:

  • E-4 or higher rank
  • Tobacco free for at least six months to one year prior to attending the training
  • Available to provide tobacco cessation counseling at their worksite/command for at least 12 months following training
  • Promote wellness and healthy lifestyles within their own commands by setting a personal example for healthy living
  • View Patient-Centered Prevention Counseling Overview (CAC required)
  • Register as an American Cancer Society Freshstart facilitator here and complete the online training. You should bring your facilitator certificate to NMCPHC’s Tobacco Cessation Facilitator Training course for proof of completion.
  • Read-Aheads: Your Guide to the 50th Anniversary Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health

Dress Code:

Duty uniform or appropriate civilian attire

NMCPHC Training Dates:

All courses start at 0730 and end at 1630.

8/24/2017NEPMU-2, Norfolk, VA Contact POC at 757-953-0729

How to Register:

Please download and complete the HPW Training Application Form 

*Note: Applicants may apply for multiple courses on the same form.*

Point of Contact:


Phone: 757-953-0959

Learn more about becoming a tobacco cessation facilitator.

Other Navy Tobacco Cessation Facilitator Trainings:

All courses start at 0730 and end at 1630.

7/25/2017Norfolk Branch Medical Clinic, Norfolk, VA Contact POC at 757-953-8542
8/23/2017Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Contact POC at 301-295-2159
10/24/2017Norfolk Branch Medical Clinic, Norfolk, VAContact POC at 757-953-8542