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Thank you for your interest in Navy Medicine. The Nurse Corps includes over 2,566 active-duty and reserve nurses serving in various specialties worldwide. Navy Nurses have been providing excellent care to Sailors and Marines at medical treatment facilities, shipboard and Marine Corps assignments since the establishment of the Navy Nurse Corps in 1908. Nurses play a vital role in the integrated healthcare team, bringing their unique experiences to provide the best healthcare possible while also teaching Hospital Corpsman basic healthcare skills. I encourage you to utilize this website as a starting point for discussing Naval Service as a nurse with others. The decision to serve your country is commendable. Our Sailors and Marines require nurses who possess expertise, quality, compassion, and advocacy. Should you choose to join us, you will truly understand the special calling of service. Best of luck in your pursuit of nursing.

Rear Admiral Robert Hawkins
Chief, Nurse Corps, U.S. Navy
Rear Admiral Robert Hawkins

The Navy Nurse Corps is comprised of more than 2,500 active duty and reserve nurses in over 20 specialties who provide care or support patient care to our Navy and Marine Corps warfighters, their families, and retirees. Navy nurses are stationed at military medical treatment facilities (MTFs), medical education institutions, clinics, hospitals, and research units both within the United States and at locations around the world. Navy nurses deploy in support of combat operations, disaster relief, and humanitarian assistance missions, providing the best care our nation can offer ashore and afloat.
Officers in the Navy Nurse Corps earn a competitive salary, regular promotions and pay increases, comprehensive medical, dental, and life insurance coverage, travel opportunities, excellent retirement and educational benefits, professional training, and a rewarding clinical practice.
  • Additional benefits:  30 days of paid vacation a year, use of military recreational facilities around the world, the opportunity to serve in a variety of nursing specialties and global facilities and be a part of supportive team of highly trained professionals.
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  • Ambulatory care nursing
  • Critical care
  • Education and training management
  • Emergency/trauma
  • Family nurse practitioner
  • Health care business analytics
  • Maternal infant nursing
  • Medical-surgical
  • Mental health
  • Neonatal critical care
  • Nurse anesthesia
  • Nursing education
  • Nurse midwife
  • Nursing researcher
  • Operational nursing
  • Pediatric nurse practitioner
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Perioperative
  • Psychiatric health nurse practitioner
  • Public health
Join Navy Nurse Corps
There are many ways to join the Navy Nurse Corps, whether you are currently in high school, nursing school, active-duty enlisted personnel, or are a practicing nurse. 
For more information, visit
Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC)
 The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) – Nurse Option is a scholarship program that provides full tuition to the college of your choice, monthly stipends, summer training, and more so you can enjoy a traditional college experience while preparing to commission as an Ensign in the Navy Nurse Corps.
NROTC Presentation Cover
For more information on NROTC, visit or   
Nurse Candidate Program (NCP)
 The NCP provides a monthly stipend for full-time juniors and/or seniors in accredited Bachelor of Science Nursing programs accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc (NLNAC). Students can apply for the NCP after their sophomore year. 
  • NCP participants may receive a substantial sign-on bonus paid in (2) installments and a monthly (taxable) stipend paid in (2) increments on the 1st and the 15th of each month for 24 months while in the program and which stops on the graduation date. No further funds are paid until you report for active duty.
  • NCP participants are NOT entitled to tuition payments, reimbursement for books, fees, equipment, etc., or annual training. **This is not ROTC; no drill time is involved. **
After graduation, participants attend (5) weeks of Officer Basic Training to become Navy Nurse Corps Officers.  Service obligations depend on the length of the benefit received, generally 4 years of service for 12 months of scholarship or 5 years for 13 to 24 months of scholarship.
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For more information, contact your local medical Navy Recruiter
Direct Accession (DA) Program for Practicing Nurses
 Direct Accession (DA) is the entry program with a sign-on bonus for nurses who have graduated from an accredited nursing program with a baccalaureate degree or higher in nursing and successful passing of the Registered Nurse National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). 
You may qualify for additional monetary accession bonuses or incentive pay depending on your specialty.
Nurses with several years of clinical experience may have the opportunity to commission at a higher rank and paygrade upon entry. 
For more information, contact your local medical Navy Recruiter
Navy Reserves
 The Navy Reserves is part-time service that allows you to balance your service to the country and your home-life.  The Navy Reserve provides benefits such as educational and financial assistance, VA guaranteed home loans, Military Commissary and Navy Exchange privileges for you and your family, access to Officers’ clubs worldwide, special pay incentives for in-demand skill sets, retirement benefits after 20 qualifying years, and TRICARE Reserve Select health insurance for you and your family.
  • Practicing nurses opting to serve part-time in the Navy Reserve may qualify for an immediate, one-time sign-on bonus. Nurses with certain specialties may have the option of choosing between a sign-on bonus, nursing school loan repayment assistance or specialty pay.
  • Graduate students enrolled in a postgraduate nursing program in certain nursing specialties and opting to serve part-time in the Navy Reserve may qualify for loan repayment assistance.
For more information on the Navy Reserves, visit
Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP)
 MECP is a commissioning program offering qualified enlisted men and women from all enlisted ratings a chance to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) followed by an appointment as an Ensign in the Navy Nurse Corps.  MECP is open to active-duty enlisted sailors and marines.
Those accepted into the program receive full pay and benefits of their pay grades while going to school for their BSN.   MECP students may use their Montgomery G.I. Bill as well as other outside financial assistance to pay for schooling. 
Once accepted in the program your enlisted obligation will extend to cover the period of schooling and you must serve a minimum of 10 years as an officer to be eligible for retirement pay.
For more information on MECP, visit
Seaman to Admiral-21 (STA-21) Program
 The STA-21 Program is an opportunity for outstanding active-duty Sailors to receive a top-notch college education and become commissioned officers.  STA-21 keeps participants on active duty at their current enlisted pay grade so that they receive all the pay, allowances, benefits, and privileges while still being eligible for enlisted advancement.  Time spent in school will count towards pay purposes but not retirement.  Sailors will receive up to $10,000 per year to cover tuition, books, and fees but they will pay any costs above $10,000 per year. Participants attending inexpensive universities that do not require use of the entire $10,000 for any year will not be able to keep the difference.
The selection process is based upon the applicant's history of fleet performance with emphasis placed on the identification of those applicants who possess the academic and leadership potential necessary to become outstanding Naval officers.
For more information on STA-21, visit
Nurse Corps Graduate Program:
 Graduate education is one of the many requirements to advance your career in the Nurse Corps.  Officers may obtain a graduate degree on their own time through the tuition assistance program or apply for Full Time Duty Under Instruction (DUINS).
DUINS offers the opportunity to attend school on a full-time basis at no personal cost while receiving all benefits, pay and allowances of their paygrade.  Officers must have a minimum of two years’ commissioned experience to apply.  Depending upon the degree applied for, students may attend one of three military service schools:  Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey California, Army Baylor, Waco, Texas, and The Uniformed Services University, Bethesda MD. 
Students not in the degree fields provided by service schools may select a nationally accredited civilian college and universities leading to the requested subspecialty code.
The NC Graduate Programs also provides program management for perioperative nurse training for active-duty Navy NC officers that occurs outside of the DUINS process.
If you are interested in joining the Navy Nurse Corps, please fill out the contact information at:
Nurse Corps


SAN DIEGO, Calif. (NOV. 21, 2023) Capt. Elizabeth Adriano (L), Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) director, poses with Ens. Sarah Martin, NMCSD Med-Surg nurse. Adriano delivered Martin at NMCSD in 1999. Coincidentally, Adriano also delivered Martin's brother at Naval Hospital Guam seven years later. The mission of NMCSD is to prepare service members to deploy in support of operational forces, deliver high quality health care services, and shape the future of military medicine through education, training, and research. NMCSD employs more than 6,000 active-duty military personnel, civilians and contractors in southern California to provide patients with world-class care anytime, anywhere. NMCSD Director, Nurse Share Unique Connection

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