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3 Nov 22:  The FY23 Special Pays NAVADMIN and Pay Guidance has been released.  Special pays effective as early as 1 Oct 22 can now be submitted.  Requests, and CO endorsements, must be dated NET 3 Nov 22, and as long as they are dated NLT 3 Dec 22, they do not have to be retroactive.  Any request/CO endorsement dated 4 Dec 22, or later, for an effective date of more than 30 days prior, will be required to be submitted using the Retroactive format templates, and the justification in the CO endorsement must explain in detail what the reason for the delay was, and how it was unavoidable.

Any questions should be directed to the command Human Resources Department (HRD)/Administrative office, and  the HRD/Admin office contact BUMED Special Pays at the special pays email address below.

All inquiries, issues, and submissions to special pays are to be made to this email address. 
Note: The BUMED Special Pays email address is for non-encrypted emails.
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