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Acting Surgeon Gerneral Rear Admiral Darin Via speaks with newly accessioned officer at NM101 course.
Acting Surgeon General Rear Admiral Darin Via at Navy Medicine 101 Course

230821-AN1346-1002 Rear Admiral Darin Via, Acting Surgeon General, speaks with new accession officers at Navy Medicine101 course.

Acting Surgeon General Rear Admiral Darin Via at Navy Medicine 101 Course

 Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command

Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command, (NMLPDC) located in Bethesda, Maryland, provides United States Navy health professionals and technicians with a comprehensive portfolio of competency-based leadership, technical skills and professional development products that foster operational readiness  
To support the warfighter by developing leaders and their professional careers

Leader in innovative education and training in support of mission readiness to project medical power

Leaders Developing Leaders


Naval Medical Leader & Professional Development Command (NMLPDC)
 8955 Wood Road
 Bethesda, MD 20889-5611


(10 February 2023)
The Clinic Management Course (B-61-2200), following the February 2023 course, and TRICARE Financial Management Executive Program Course (B-7D-0003) will no longer be offered.  No future courses will be scheduled. Please contact the Academic Programs staff for further information.

(30 September 2022)
NMLPDC has developed a fully automated course nomination system that allows the prospective course attendee to complete registration/nomination process on SHAREPOINT. After navigating to a course page the registration link will direct you to the CAC-enabled Academic Course Registration page. There you will select your course from the menu bar, scrolling left to right. Once in your selected course click the ‘Submit a Request’ button within the course date you are interested in. This will take you to the fully automated nomination process.


COE is the institutional accrediting body for the NMFSC AOR.  Please click the link for website.


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