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The U.S. Navy Office of Global Health Engagement (GHEO) was established in 2012 to support Navy Medicine in building key partnerships, synchronizing Global Health Engagement (GHE) efforts across the whole of society in the maritime environment, and developing essential capabilities within U.S. Naval forces. GHE strengthens the health capacity of our partners, enhances the readiness of our forces and helps to ensure the safety and security of our nation.

Through GHE, Navy Medicine collaborates with partners around the world to build trust and respect, share information, foster interoperability, and coordinate mutual actions in health-related activities that support U.S. strategic interests. From our annual joint medical training exercises and public health initiatives, to our highly trained men and women who live and work in nations around the globe, the Navy’s Office of Global Health Engagement works to cultivate and maintain international partnerships and is committed to improving lives in our partner nations every day.

No matter where we operate, by sea, land or air, we remain focused on our vision: to advance the use of GHE as an essential and effective tool of global health diplomacy and regional stability and security.

Global Health Specialist Program (GHSP)

In working to achieve our mission, our most critical asset is our people: Global Health Specialists. The GHEO manages a strong community of likeminded professionals who are on the frontlines of positive change, creating stability and security for the U.S. and our partners worldwide.

The GHSP was officially established in 2017 to build a cadre of forward ambassadors and executors of the U.S. Navy’s readiness and security cooperation mission. Both active and reserve officers from all Medical Department Officer Corps are eligible for membership. Global Health Specialists fill key positions across Navy Medicine, interagency and international communities.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please contact the Office of Global Health

Global Health


Center for Global Health Engagement at Uniformed Service University
Defense Security Cooperation Agency



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