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Navy Medicine is the whole of the US Navy’s Medical Support to the Fleet and Fleet Marine Force to ensure readiness both at peace and in combat. The personnel of Navy Medicine are grouped into six Corps.
Medical Corps
Dental Corps
Nurse Corps
Medical Service Corps
Hospital Corps
Civilian Corps
These medical and support personnel serve around the globe and here in the United States.
The US Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) is the headquarters for Navy Medicine and issues policy regarding the development and practices of Navy Medicine as well as collaborating with our sister services and the Defense Health Agency.
BUMED is directly responsible for the Navy personnel at Military Treatment Facilities, our medical research commands and our medical training and support commands.
Navy Medicine personnel assigned to ships, submarines, aviation squadrons, Special Forces units, Marine battalions and other operational positions report to their operational commands while assigned to those units.
Navy Medicine supports the warfighter, projecting medical power to enhance survivability of our forces, to sustain US Naval superiority.

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