Welcome to Navy’s Medical Home Port Site!  This site is a service of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) in the Department of the Navy.  It is designed to provide you with information on the Medical Home Port concept and its impact on Navy Medicine’s beneficiaries.  


Provide primary care in a way that best meets the needs of  Navy Medicine’s beneficiaries. The Medical Home Port team will ensure that care is all-inclusive and integrated with all other care provided within our healthcare system.  Care delivered in Medical Home Port model includes, but is not limited to, readiness, prevention, wellness, behavioral health, and disease management.

Highlights of Medical Home Port Concept Include:

  • Increased Access to Care: All beneficiaries capable of reaching their Medical Home Port team providers, as needed, through visits to the clinic or virtual tools (such as secure email).  Same-day access to healthcare team providers will also be available after clinic hours, as needed. 

  • Clinical Quality: Beneficiaries will receive the highest quality of  medical care, with an emphasis on disease prevention and wellness.  Focus on improved management of chronic conditions through enhanced access to the right patient education materials.

  • Satisfaction: Tailor our clinic operations and staff interaction to each patient’s needs  Build a relationship with one Medical Home Port team, who knows you and your healthcare needs.

  • Behavioral Health: Allow beneficiaries access to behavioral health staff within the Medical Home Port clinic.

  • Civilian Collaboration: Align Medical Home Port to civilian standards for this model of healthcare delivery.


Watch a video about Navy Medical Home Port

30 second version (YouTube) (WMV - 40MB)

60 second version (YouTube) (WMV - 75MB)


For more information on Navy Medical Home Port, as well as tips and tools to support implementation at the Navy MTF, please visit the Primary Care Advisory Board Medical Home Port Site.  The link below is secure and is only accessible with a valid Navy Medicine Email Certificate.