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Admiral's Call
Vice Adm. Adam M. Robinson, Jr.


Admiral’s Call by the Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy

Vice Admiral Adam M. Robinson, Jr.

Patient and Family-Centered Care: Our Concept of Care

Navy Medicine’s Core Concept of Care is Patient and Family-Centered Care. It is at the epicenter of everything we do. This concept is elegant in its simplicity yet extraordinarily powerful. It identifies each patient as a participant in his or her own health care and recognizes the vital importance of the family, military culture and the military chain of command in supporting our patients. My goal is for this Core Concept of Care – this commitment to our patients and their families – to resonate throughout our system and guide all our actions.

Many of you may be familiar with our graphic which depicts our Core Concept of Care – Patient and Family-Centered Care - as the “center of gravity” of this triangle.  It is enabled by our primary mission to deliver force health protection and a fully ready force; and mutually supported by the force multipliers of world class research and development and medical    education. It also leverages our emphasis on the health and wellness of our patients through an  active focus on population health.

I also want to take the opportunity to share my perspectives on an initiative you will be hearing more about in the coming year: The Navy and Marine Corps Medicine Primary Care Model. Primary care is the gateway for providing Patient and Family-Centered Care to our Navy Marine Corps team beneficiaries; it is the foundation of health and preventive care. 

We know MTFs have increasingly been challenged in meeting the needs of patients in the primary care environment due to increased deployments and community staffing shortages. These shortages and turnover of personnel have diminished timely access to primary care. As a result, Navy Medicine is launching a standardized care delivery model to be implemented across the enterprise. The Navy and Marine Corps Primary Care Model will establish primary care teams based on clinical requirements reflecting a location’s patient population. Clinical requirements will include ensuring readiness; improving prevention and wellness metrics; and chronic disease management.

The new model is focused on a Patient and Family-Centered concept of care that emphasizes a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team approach. This model will forge a partnership between the clinical team, the patient, and when appropriate, the patient's family. Civilian and military healthcare systems have demonstrated improved quality of care, patient satisfaction and access to care when medical practice is organized around a primary care model that focuses on Patient and Family-Centered care. A standardized primary care model will improve the primary care team's ability to comprehensively manage their patients.

The Navy and Marine Corps Primary Care Model will require  innovation and new ways of thinking, working and communicating for family medicine physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and the other providers and staff members who will make up the primary care teams. Successful implementation will have to address many requirements including facility capabilities, personnel assignments, training requirements, and clear business rules. The road ahead will require strong commitment at all levels of our organization. This is a 2010 strategic priority for Navy Medicine and we are prepared to support clinicians and our patients.

As we move forward in 2010, I want you to know that Navy Medicine is well-positioned for the future. We recognize that our world-wide operational demands and our commitment to provide Family and Patient-Centered Care to our growing number of beneficiaries will continue to pose formidable challenges. But this is what we do and why so many of us chose a career in military medicine. It’s also why we are guided by the Navy’s Core Values – Honor, Courage and Commitment – in all we do.

Navy Medicine is a vibrant, world-wide health care system comprised of compassionate and talented professionals who are willing to make contributions and personal sacrifices. This team – our team - includes officers, enlisted personnel, government civilian employees, contract workers and volunteers working together in a vibrant health care community. We all have a vital role in the success of our enterprise. I want to thank all of you for the  tremendous support this year. I am proud of you and grateful to have the opportunity to serve with you.