Case Managers Take Care of the Warfighter and their Families

By Rebecca Rose, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Public Affairs

Over the past several years, Navy case managers have taken on an increasingly important, albeit a behind the scenes role in patient care. The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery’s (BUMED) Case Management Department oversees the Navy Case Management Program, which ensures high-risk beneficiaries are well taken care of and their needs are met.

Navy case managers are problem-solvers, have great people and negotiating skills, and a hands-on background in nursing or social work. In addition to having an impressive skill set, these case managers serve as a liaison between patients who are severely injured or have a chronic illness and the services they require.

“We pick up higher-risk patients who need help getting a better health outcome,” Joan McLeod, Program Manager, BUMED Case Management Dept. “Our whole focus is to improve the quality of health care outcomes for our customers.”

Besides ensuring beneficiaries receive unparalleled care, the BUMED Case Management Dept. provides support to nearly 200 case managers at various military treatment facilities around the world.

“The biggest thing we do is support case managers  out in the field,” said Virginia Paganelli, Program Manager, BUMED Case Management Dept. “The support we give our case managers out in the field is invaluable.”

This month, the BUMED Case Management Dept. is submitting to the Case In Point Platinum Awards, which recognizes the most successful and innovative case management programs working to improves health care across the care continuum. The winners will be announced in April/May 2010.