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Welcome to the Navy  Women's Health Information Site, a service of the Bureau of Navy Medicine (BUMED) in the Department of the Navy (DON).

Our Mission is: To keep as many female Sailors and Marines in a full duty status as possible by supporting their medical readiness and ensuring that women's health is an integral component of total fleet health.

We will carry out this mission by:

  • identifying key medical issues affecting the force integration of women
  • generating information and policy advice on operational medicine issues
  • ensuring medical information and materials specific to the health care needs of women are available in shore and sea environments
  • helping direct women's health research
  • providing advice and guidance on the physical training and conditioning of women Sailors and Marines

Our Vision is:  To integrate operational women's health into the fabric of Naval Medicine.

Our Strategy to achieve our mission and vision is through the dissemination of health information that will help motivate women Sailors and Marines to maintain their highest level of physical, psychological, sociological and spiritual health.

Let us know how BUMED Women's Health can work better for you! After all, this resource was designed to help ensure a healthier future for all women Sailors and Marines.