Quick Start Checklist for Crew Leaders

  • Print the Crew Leaders Guide and the Rules for Scoring.
  • Recruit two-ten Crew Members and choose a Crew (team) name.
  • Invite Crew Members to set weight goals (lose, gain, maintain). (No weigh-ins are required!)
  • Discuss – but do not collect – Health and Fitness History Questionnaires and Contracts with each Crew Member.
  • Register your Crew with NMCPHC by 5 March 2017.
  • To register:
    • Option 1 - "web-tool" (CaC card needed )
      • Create your new Crew using the Crews Into Shape web-tool.
      • Invite crew members to join your Crew and enter their daily scores using the web-tool.
    • Option 2 - Please use the instructions below ONLY if you DO NOT have a CaC card.
  • Encourage Crew Members to register at the USDA Choose-My-Plate SuperTracker.
  • Plan a weekly Crew Activity.
  • Ask the Crew to commit to participating in a local health-related event within three months of completing Crews Into Shape.
  • Ask Crew Members to provide feedback online.
  • Download, save and print certificates for each of your Crew Members and celebrate their success!
  • Capitalize on the momentum – turn your new exercise, eating and fluid intake habits into a new routine!