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Some Sailors and Marines participate in off-duty activities that may put them at risk for accidents that could have serious consequences. In fiscal year 2014, 59 Sailors and 53 Marines died in mishaps, primarily related to private motor vehicle and off-duty/shore recreation mishaps.1 In addition to the expense and tragic loss of lives caused by mishaps, injuries put service members on the sidelines, derailing their productivity and threatening their readiness for duty. Mixing alcohol with activities can prove to be a deadly combination. Encourage responsible drinking by promoting NADAP's Play to Live Pledge. The pledge asks Sailors to commit to at least one responsible drinking habit this summer.

Being informed about common workplace and recreational safety hazards can keep everyone safe. In this toolbox we provide Sailors, Marines, beneficiaries, DoD civilians, health promotion coordinators, and health information disseminators the resources to exercise safety precautions so they can stay safe at work and fully enjoy recreational activities in their free time.

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[1] Naval Safety Center Annual Mishap Overview: FY2014. Naval Safety Center. Published 2015. Accessed April 2016.