Fleet and Marine Corps Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Our HRA tool assesses the lifestyle risks of individuals to support the annual Periodic Health Assessment (PHA), worksite wellness program or other community health activities. When used properly, an HRA can heighten awareness about key health issues, identify those specific issues that pertain to the individual, provide credible sources of health information, empower individuals to better manage their personal health and serve as a tool for dialogue with a health care provider.

This is a screening tool for assessing lifestyle behavior risk; it is not intended to replace consultation with a health care provider. Your provider can further discuss any identified health risk or concern and address any immediate medical problem. This tool was designed for use among active and reserve components of the Navy and Marine Corps, but is also suitable for other relatively healthy adult groups.

The Fleet and Marine Corps HRA is a web-based, anonymous assessment of leading health indicators that produces both individualized Participant Reports as well as group Commanding Officer Reports. A stand-alone Access® version of the HRA is available upon request from NMCPHC for ships that have poor Internet connectivity.

Commanding Officers

The HRA-Commanding Officer's Report provides decision makers with aggregate data on the prevalence of reported risk factors for members assigned to their unit. For each of 22 health questions, it displays the percent healthy and unhealthy, and indicates the number of HRA records for the unit during the report time period. When generated by the unit HRA-administrator, the Commanding Officer's Report can be used to focus the unit's health promotion and wellness efforts on the most relevant needs. This CO Report is also used to score a unit's Blue H Award.

Individual Members

Completion of the 22-item self-assessment is encouraged but not mandatory. Read each question carefully and mark the best answer. You will be provided with personalized feedback on health risks you report, credible website links that provide detailed information on each topic and a score that is based on the number of reported risk factors. A greater number of risk factors is associated with an increased likelihood of future health care costs, but may or may not indicate an immediate health risk. You should print the HRA results and discuss any concerns with your health care provider.

How to log on to the HRA

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Go to the following URL address:

Enter your command logon, which will be a RUIC, UIC or OPFAC. Your local HRA Administrator (e.g., IMR, PHA or Population Health coordinator) can provide the correct logon. If assistance is not available, you can look up your logon in one of the following tables: Databases that identify logon / supplied group ID can be accessed by clicking here.

How to complete the HRA

Follow the guidance provided by the various service components on completing and printing your HRA report:

HRA Administrators

Commanding Officers of active Navy and Marine Corps commands or Commanding Officers of each Navy Reserve Activity (NRA) can appoint members to serve as Administrators of the HRA. Administrators will implement an orderly process for having members complete the HRA, or they will coordinate with the local Military Treatment Facility (MTF) staff if the HRA is completed in conjunction with the annual Periodic Health Assessment (PHA). Administrators will ensure that each member uses the correct logon; orient members as to the use, confidentiality and purpose of the tool; and ensure that each member has the opportunity to discuss the results with a provider. HRA Administrators should provide commanding officers (for each supported Unit Identification Code (UIC)) with the results for their commands at least on an annual basis. MTFs that administer the HRA as part of the PHA process should provide an annual HRA Commanding Officer Report to each supported command.

Active Component Administrators

How to obtain an administrator account:

How to administer the HRA to your members:

How to generate Commanding Officer Reports:

Reserve Component Administrators at the NOSC

Medical Department Representatives at the NOSC should click here for guidance.

*Note: Periodically the question set is revised due to changes in national health recommendations or addition/deletion of questions. Beginning 1 February 2012, changes were made for several questions. You may contact NMCPHC for additional information on changes.


Supporting Documents


HRA Newsletters

Annual Summary Reports

Stand-Alone CD

  • A stand-alone Access© version of the Fleet and Marine Corps HRA has been developed for Fleet customers that lack consistent Web connectivity for their crews to complete the HRA.

 To request a CD, click here and provide a good mailing address.