ShipShape Program

In an effort to decrease the loss rate of active duty personnel, we developed the ShipShape Program, the Navy’s official intervention program for weight management. ShipShape facilitates healthy body composition in active duty personnel who have failed that component of the Physical Readiness Test. ShipShape is an eight-week program that reflects the current state of knowledge on weight loss. The program presents a healthy and permanent approach to weight loss and can be used by adults who are overweight.

Referral by commands for the ShipShape program is highly recommended for members who fail to meet weight standards or are in jeopardy of failing. Active duty members are referred to the Shipshape Program via a referral from the Command Fitness Leader (CFL) to the ShipShape Coordinator at the local MTF's Health Promotion Department. Even those who self-refer into the program will need to obtain the written referral from the CFL if the program sessions are held during regular duty hours. The CFL will complete the written referral form and have it endorsed by the commanding officer or officer in charge (OIC). The referral form will include baseline height, weight and body fat percentage measurements.

Primary care providers can also refer their overweight patients, including active duty, family members and retirees, to the ShipShape program. Medical referrals should include any physical or nutritional restrictions. Attendance at all sessions should be considered medical appointments.

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