Navy Medicine, in partnership with the Association of Reproductive Heath Professionals and Merck & Co., is conducting one-day training events focused on family planning and long-acting reversible contraception at Navy Medical Treatment Facilities.

Background and Purpose

  • Background - Active duty sailors and marines experience unplanned pregnancies at rates consistent with, or somewhat higher than, the very high rates observed among American women of similar age cohorts, and this circumstance has prevailed for many years. Part of the solution is a well-informed Navy healthcare workforce and a Navy health care system featuring easily-accessed, LARC-first, family planning counseling and contraception services.
  • Objective - Increase the capacity of Navy Medicine to provide LARC-first family planning counseling and contraception services
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  • Training Content -
    • All students learn about the incidence of unplanned pregnancy in the U.S. and DoN, and the benefits and risks of intrauterine devices and the hormonal contraceptive implant.
    • Credentialed students will be trained to place Paragard, Mirena and Skyla IUDs and certified to place the Nexplanon hormonal implant. Other healthcare team members will receive separate practical experience with these devices.
  • CME: ARHP is accredited for CME, CEU, and Pharmacy credits and awards 3 credit hours for completion of the training.
  • Registration - There are no fees associated with this training. Please see the Registration link and the location-specific Student Factsheets below for more details.
  • Travel - funding for traveling students is the responsibility of their command. This training is exempt from the BUMED conference-approval process. Please see the Student Factsheets below for more details.

Training Dates and Locations

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