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To protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII),
Protected Health Information (PHI), and
promote compliance across the enterprise.

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Privacy & Civil Liberties Office (PCLO)
The BUMED PCLO is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a comprehensive Privacy and Civil Liberties Program per SECNAVINST 5211.5, the DoD Manual 6025.18 as amended, and applicable statutory, regulatory, and policy requirements.  
The BUMED Privacy and Civil Liberties Office will provide:
  • Oversight and facilitate compliance with Privacy Act of 1974 (as amended), HIPAA, Privacy and Security Rules, and FISMA implementing regulations in coordination with DoD, DON, DHA, and BSO-18 stakeholders,
  • Oversight of compliance programs, appropriate redress for privacy complaints, policy development, and cybersecurity integration activities to ensure implementation of effective privacy and security controls,
  • Oversight and support visits to Echelon III and below commands,
  • Management, and Program Management (PM) assistance for Privacy Impact Assessments to align with risk management framework (RMF),
  • Privacy subject matter expertise for inquiries related to System of Records Notices,
  • Support with Privacy Act Statements, social security number justification case uses, privacy contract clauses, and coordination with BUMED Legal SMEs.

Mailing Address:
BUMED Privacy & Civil Liberties Office
BUMED Detachment Jacksonville - Attn: Privacy Office, Code N61
H2005 Knight Lane, PO. Box 140 
NAS Jacksonville, FL 32212-0140

(904) 542-3559 or (703) 681-8430

Email: (Program Office) (Breach Report/Complaints) 

A written complaint may be submitted to the BUMED PCLO if you think there has been a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Rules or the MHS Notice of Privacy Practices (NoPP).
Complete and Mail or Email complaints to the below address.
BUMED Privacy & Civil Liberties Office
BUMED Detachment Jacksonville - Attn: Privacy Office, Code N61
H2005 Knight Lane, PO. Box 140
NAS Jacksonville, FL 32212-0140
The complaint should include the following information.
  • Name, address, and other contact information of the individual filing the complaint (indicate if home or work address).
  • Provide phone number(s) (indicate if this is a cell, work, or home phone number, and if a voicemail is permitted at this number).
  • Email address and preferred method of contact.
  • ​Provide contact information for any other person(s) representing the complainant.
  • Identify the organization or command where the alleged privacy violation occurred.
  • Describe the alleged violation in detail (Date; location; whether ongoing; information about the person, program, policy, or procedure related to the complaint).
  • If the complaint was reported to any other authority, include the name of the organization, the address where it was filed, and what action, if any was taken.
  • File within 180 days of discovery of the violation if a HIPAA complaint.
  • Your signature (written or electronic) and date.
Privacy Act Requests may be filed with the System Manager of the Records, local Privacy Office where the records are maintained, BUMED PCLO, or OPNAV/DNS Code-36.  

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