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Most educational programs provide for a leave of absence (LOA) for students experiencing difficulty coping with academic requirements, medical or personal issues. The Navy also recognizes that this may be appropriate in some situations, and as a result, can grant a corresponding period of Leave Without Pay (LWOP) to compensate. There are four categories of LWOP: administrative, medical, academic and personal. Please refer to the student handbook for more details about each category. A Leave Without Pay status will NOT normally be approved for research, fellowships, or other advanced education. However, all advanced education requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis with the needs of the Navy taken as the primary consideration. Any leave of absence that results in delay of the student's graduation date, will result in placement on LWOP. As soon as a student learns that he/she will be in a voluntary or involuntary leave of absence status, the student is required to contact Accessions Department immediately to request a corresponding LWOP. During LWOP, a student is ineligible for stipend, tuition, reimbursements, and annual training.

Top Five Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):
  1. How do I request LWOP if I am having academic problems which will affect my gradation date?

    If you are experiencing academic difficulties which will cause a delay in your graduation by 6 months or 1 year, the following documents are required:
    • A letter from you formally requesting LWOP with a full explanation why the leave is necessary, preferable sent via email.
    • A letter from the Dean of Student Affairs at the school stating that a leave of absence has been granted, the reason for the leave of absence, the duration of the leave of absence, and your new anticipated graduation date.
    • A copy of your most recent school transcripts or failed board scores if applicable.
  2. What happens to my entitlements while I am in a LWOP status?
    During LWOP, you are ineligible for stipend, tuition, reimbursements, and annual training.
  3. How do I request reinstatement in the program after the completion of my LWOP period?
    Your request for reinstatement must be submitted in writing via US Postal mail or email 60 days prior to returning to the program. The following documents are required:
    • A letter from you formally requesting reinstatement to include actions taken to address academic difficulties i.e. repeated course work, board preparation classes etc.
    • A letter from your Dean indicating your full time enrollment status and new anticipated graduation date.
    • A copy of recent transcripts reflecting passed course work or a copy of your passed board scores if applicable.
  4. Do I need to request LWOP if I have to repeat a course but I'm stilled enrolled in school?
    That depends; the Health Professions Scholarship Program does not pay for repeat courses. Please contact the Accessions Department Registrar for further clarification.
  5. Do I need to request LWOP if my graduation is going to be delayed less than 6 months.
    You will not be placed on LWOP; however you will be required to provide a letter from your school's dean explaining the delay and the new anticipated graduation date.​
The Director, Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program is the final approving authority for all LWOP matters. The fact that the academic institution has approved a LOA does not imply that the Navy will automatically approve LWOP for the student. Failure to notify Accessions Department of a leave of absence from school may result in an administrative separation from the program in accordance with the student's service agreement. For questions concerning LWOP, please contact Accessions Department at USN.OHSTUDENT@HEALTH.MIL.If you do not receive a timely response, please contact the Head of Medical Accessions by phone.

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