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​Items authorized for reimbursement are limited to purchase items that are considered ordinary, necessary and required of all students at your school enrolled in your qualifying professional degree program in your year level and course rotation. Students must submit requests for reimbursement on a "Claim for Reimbursement of Expenditures on Official Business," OF1164-17B​. Students will be reimbursed only one time for authorized items unless otherwise specified. Students will NOT be reimbursed for items purchased while in a Leave Without Pay (LWOP) status. STUDENTS ENTERING THE HPSP/FAP PROGRAM WILL ONLY BE REIMBURSED FOR ITEMS PURCHASED NO EARLIER THAN 45 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE  START DATE OF THE  ​SEMESTER/TERM THE STUDENT IS ENTERING OR IN AT THE TIME OF COMMISSIONING, as long as appropriate documentation is submitted. Graduating students will not be reimbursed for purchases made within 60 days prior to their graduation date or the date of completion of their academic requirements, whichever is earlier. No items will be reimbursed which would have been authorized at an earlier year level. NM Accessions is not responsible for reimbursing participants for equipment or library materials intended for active duty use.

Students that submit claims that do not have supporting documents or are not completed correctly will be contacted and the claims will be held for 30 days. After 30 days claims with unresolved issues will be filed in the member's ADT/REIM folder unprocessed for no further action.  Members will need to submit a new claim to request reimbursements for the items that were not processed due to incomplete claims.​


I. Types of Reimbursements:

1. Books: Participants will be reimbursed for all school required books. A copy of the course syllabus stating the book is required or a required booklist on school letterhead must be sent with the request for reimbursement. Participants must include a signed Dean's Certificate for all claims including books.
2. Supplies and Equipment: Click here for our up-to-date reimbursement list (updated 2018) of all supplies and equipment that will be reimbursed as well as the maximum reimbursable amount. All claims for supplies and equipment reimbursement must include a Dean's Certificate. If a purchased item does not appear on the approved list, please submit a justification for the item along with the standard reimbursement documentation.
3. Health/Disability/Liability Insurance: If a participant’s school requires health (medical, dental, disability, etc.) insurance for all students, it is a reimbursable expense. The maximum amount eligible for reimbursement is the "single coverage" rate that meets the minimum coverage required by the school. The HPSP/FAP program does not reimburse for family coverage and will not reimburse at a rate higher than the single rate charged by the school. If it is not required that insurance be purchased from the school directly, and the participant purchases coverage elsewhere, the amount claimed cannot exceed the school’s "single" coverage rate. Disability and liability insurance are reimbursable based on the same criteria. Proof of single coverage and the period of coverage must be included along with the completed insurance section on the Dean’s Certificate if reimbursement is requested. If the participant’s school does not require insurance, it will not be reimbursed.
4. Board Exams: All National Board Exams which are required by the student's contract for the appropriate program of study are reimbursable. PLEASE NOTE! USMLE/COMLEX PART III IS NOT REIMBURSABLE. Travel and lodging expenses ARE NOT REIMBURSED. State exams or state licensing fees ARE NOT REIMBURSABLE. You do not need to submit a Dean’s Certificate for any reimbursement claim that only contains a Board Exam. Proof of payment is required, but the actual score on the exam is not. The HPSP program reimburses only for each examination. Participants will be reimbursed ONLY for the board exam that is relevant to the degree program. (Osteopathic students will have COMLEX reimbursed. Allopathic students will have USMLE reimbursed.) 
5. ERAS and NRMP Applications (Updated 20 July 2017): Because it is impossible to know who will be required to apply to the civilian match, ALL MEDICAL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED to initiate an Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) Application  as part of the Navy Graduate  Medical Selection Board  (GMESB) Application process. All students are authorized up to $300 for ERAS expenses and $85 for National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) or American Osteopathic Association (AOA) fees. Medical Corps HPSP students should file their claims for reimbursement per instructions found on this
page. A Dean's Certificate is not required as part of the reimbursement request.
6. Shipping/Handling/Taxes: Shipping and handling fees are not reimbursable. Taxes are not reimbursable from HPSP. U.S Tax Exemption form SF-1094 was established for purchases made by the Government. Click here for an SF-1094 Complete the form and present it to the vendor prior to your purchase of books and equipment for HPSP. It is up to each vendor whether the SF- 1094 is accepted or not. There is no way to force a vendor to accept the SF-1094.
7. Computers/PDAs/Pagers: By DoD contract regulations, computers, PDAs, and pagers are not reimbursable. However, up to $500 a year can be reimbursed for computer rental. A computer rental agreement cannot include a lease with the option to buy because of the contracting laws.

II. How to Submit a Reimbursement for Books and Equipment Claim

A Request for Books and Equipment Reimbursement consists a Deans’ Certification stating that the items are required, an OF1164-17B form filled in as discussed below, and proof that you paid for the items. Receipts are required for books, insurance, equipment and supplies. Under no circumstances will books, insurance, or supplies be reimbursed without a receipt.
NOTE: The following process is for the reimbursement of expenses related to books, equipment, insurance, and fees. This process is not intended for use as a Travel Reimbursement Claim/Voucher.
1. Complete the OF1164-17B
BLOCK 1: Complete
BLOCKS 2 and 3: Leave blank, this is for HPSP office use only.
a. Your full name; last, first, middle initial.
b. Your social security number.
c. Address where you reside while in school.
d. Phone number at school address.
BLOCK 5: Leave blank
a. Date item purchased.
b. Quantity purchased.
c. & d. Describe item purchased.
e. Leave blank.
f. amount paid for item.
g. Amount sales tax paid.
h & i. Leave blank.
a. Total amount paid including sales tax.
b. Total of all items listed in column F.
c. Total of all sales tax paid in column G.
BLOCKS 8&9: Leave blank, this for HPSP office use only.
BLOCK 10: Sign and date.
2. Attach Required Documentation:
a. Receipts for each purchase.
b. Syllabus stating required books or required book list on school letterhead (for book reimbursements).
c. Proof of insurance (if it is not supplied by your school but required) stating it is a single policy.
d. Signed Dean’s Certificate​.
e. Proof that you paid for the items (Cancelled check, credit card receipt, etc.)
3. E-mail the Above: Reimbursement Requests are only accepted electronically. Faxes and requests sent via the mail will not be accepted. Scan and e-mail all documents to  with the subject line “ENS YOUR NAME – Book and Supply Reimbursement Request.“  Please scan using the lowest resolution that can still be read. DO NOT SEND ANY CREDIT CARD OR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

III. Reimbursement Appeals:

 If the student wishes to appeal the reimbursement of an item, the student should contact the Reimbursement Section directly and discuss the item and its requirement.

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