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I. Submission Deadlines: 

1.   Clerkship, Research and Officer Development School (ODS) Orders:  Request must be submitted no later than 8 weeks prior to the travel date.  Navy Medicine Accessions Department (NAVMEDAD) receives a limited number of ODS seats for each class.  Request for seats are taken in the order that they are received.  When all seats are completely filled, a limited number of students will be placed on a waiting list should there be any cancellation. 
2.   School Orders:  Orders must start on the 1st or the 16th of the month.

II. Active Duty for Training Order Request Form:

Use the ADT Request Form to request school, ODS, clerkship or research orders. ​Scan and upload your request to the NAVMEDAD email address at: ADT/Reimbursement emails:  If you are requesting a clerkship, include a copy of the Graduate Medical Education letter with your request.
1.   Personal Information: Complete the "Personal Information" section. If we need to contact you about your request we will need up-to-date information. Use the address that represents where you will be leaving from at the start of  these orders (not your home address of record if it is different).  If it is not the correct address, your plane ticket will start from the wrong location.  If you have moved after submitting the AT request form,  you must  contact the AT Section to ensure that your orders reflect the current address from which you will leave and to which you will return. Failure to keep the AT Section informed of changes in your request will delay your orders and could cause pay issues,  should orders need to be modified.  Once orders have started your address cannot be changed.  Your designator is the number officer designator code that represents the corps you are training become a part of: Medical Corps (1975), Dental Corps (1985), Medical Service Corps (MSC). Optometry and Clinical Psychology are both MSC officers. Financial Assistance Program (FAP), Medical Corps (2105) and Dental Corps (2205).
2.   Type of Orders: Complete the “Type of Orders” section. Tell us what kind of orders you are requesting.  Clerkships are limited to 28 days and the orders will include a “school orders” portion to ensure you receive the full 45 day entitlement for both clerkship and ODS orders. Enter the 1st or the 16th.  Note:  The report date may be adjusted for school orders due to funding availability. 
3.   Travel Information: Complete the “Travel Information” section of the Annual Training Order Request Form.  The "Travel Date" will be one day earlier than your "Report Date."  This is a travel day.  Your "Report Date"  is the date you actually start your clerkship, ODS or school orders.  
4.   Mode of Transportation: Complete the “Mode of Transportation” section. Note which mode of transportation you wish to use if required to travel to the location of the orders.  If a rental car is required once at the orders location, it will be written into your orders. If you live within 50 miles of the training site, a commercial flight is not authorized.  Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) travel is authorized for up to 350 miles one-way to the training site.  Commercial round trip flights will be provided to all members that live outside a 350 mile radius to the training site from the address on the request.
5.   Scan and send your completed form to the NAVMEDAD email address at: ADT/Reimbursement emails: using our current approved method for submitting documents.  If your order request is complete and approved, you will not receive an email response regarding your request.  If your request is not approved, the ADT staff will email you with the specific reasons stating why the request was not approved.  Please make the necessary corrections and resubmit the corrected ADT Order Request Form located in the “forms sections” of this site. 

III. Confirm your AT with Accessions AT Section Prior to your AT:

Check back with the ADT section 6 weeks prior to travel to ODS, Clerkship and Research orders and 2 weeks prior to School orders to ensure all necessary paperwork has been completed and that Accessions ADT staff have an accurate email address for you.

IV. Itinerary and Orders: 

Once your orders have been processed and an itinerary has been generated (only for travel orders), Accessions ADT staff will email you a PDF copy of all your documents.  Normally this occurs 10 days prior to your actual travel date.  If you do not have your orders and itinerary 10 days prior to your travel date, contact the Accessions ADT section immediately at​: ADT/Reimbursement emails:
1.   Travel Itinerary: Once your Annual Training Order Request Form has been processed, SATO, the travel agency for the military, will arrange your flight, and if approved, your rental car.  DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR OWN AIRLINE TICKETS OR RENTAL CAR.  YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED IF YOU DO.   Your orders and itinerary should be available approximately 10 days prior to your departure date. Members that travel by personal auto (POV) will need to contact N33 for lodging reservations.  Contact information for N33 will be in your orders.
2.   Certificate of Non-Availability: If there is a Certificate of Non-availability (CNA) number listed in the hotel section of your SATO itinerary, make reservations for lodging at the government commercial lodging in the area, making sure to book your room at the government rate listed in your orders. If your itinerary does not have a Certificate of Non-availability (CNA) number on it, you must check in with the Bachelor Officer Quarters office for a room, regardless of what your itinerary says.   If a room is available, you MUST reside in it.   If no BOQ rooms are available, you must obtain a certificate of non-availability (CNA) stamp on your orders or a letter from the BOQ manager stating that no room is available. This documentation is required in order for you to be reimbursed for commercial lodging. Once you have a CNA, you are authorized commercial lodging in accordance with your orders.
3.   No Messing Available Letter: If the following statement is NOT in your orders: “THE USE OF THE MESS ADVERSELY AFFECTS MISSION PERFORMANCE, PER-DIEM AUTHORIZED AT COMMERCIAL RATE” you will need to contact the GME coordinator at the clerkship site to request a no messing available letter to receive authorization for  per-diem for meals at the full commercial rate in accordance with the orders.  Without this authorization, you will only receive a partial per diem rate.
4.   If you are traveling via your own automobile: You will not get an itinerary.  Call the Bachelor Officer Quarters reservation desk at the clerkship site and make a reservation.  If no rooms are available, make a reservation at a hotel nearby. Make sure the nightly rate does not exceed the government lodging rate listed in your orders. Remember, you must check in at the BOQ upon arrival at your clerkship site and get a Certificate of Non-availability (CNA) before you can reside at the commercial hotel.  If a BOQ room is available you must reside in it.
5.   Traveling by Government Issued Flights.  All personnel traveling via air are issued e-tickets.  E-tickets are available no earlier than 3 days PRIOR to the actual day of travel. Accessions AT Staff include your e-mail address when requesting your orders and airline tickets.  This e-mail is used by SATO (the Navy's travel agency) to send your e-ticket to you.  If you do not receive your e-ticket 3 days prior to your day of travel, contact Accessions AT Staff immediately.  If flying on a Sunday and you do not have your e-ticket by Friday morning at 9:00 am (Eastern), contact Accessions AT Section IMMEDIATELY. NOTE: If you do not have a ticket issued by the Navy, and you purchase your own, you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the ticket.
6.   Always read your orders and be sure you understand what you are required to do.  If you have questions, contact the Accessions ADT Section at

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