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Step 1: Contact the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Coordinator or the Graduate dental Coordinator for the facility and program in which you would like to rotate. Obtain a confirmation letter from the site stating that you have a rotation set up.

Select the institution location you are interested in under “DHA Graduate Medical Education Training Sites”. 
Then select “Medical Student Rotation Information” on the left side navigation menu.



Naval Health Clinic Great Lakes

Phone:  847-688-3331 EXT. 89011

NMC Portsmouth/Branch Dental Clinic Sewell’s Point (AEGD)
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth/Hospital (AEGD)

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA (GPR)

Phone:  757-953-8608 (AEGD)

Phone: 757-953-2759 ( GPR)

Naval Medical Center San Diego/Branch Dental Clinic Naval Station 32nd Street (AEGD)

Naval Medical Center San Diego/Hospital (GPR)

 Phone: (619) 524-0662( AEGD)

 Phone: (619) 556-8229 (GPR)

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
** Note: The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center has no on base parking for students participating in clerkships.  As a result, students selecting WRNMMC as an active duty training site do not receive authorization for a rental car.  Instead, students are given authorization for reimbursement for the cost of public transportation included in their orders.  Authorization is for busses and metro/subway only, and requires that a travel log be submitted along with a "lost receipt" form as part of their Travel Claim in order to receive full reimbursement for local travel.  Taxis are not authorized except for shuttle to and from the airport.  Students are advised to make lodging accommodations near the "Red Line “Metro or on a local bus route with easy access to the hospital complex.  Please click on the link below for the Maryland Transit Planner:​/.  Click here for the Washington Metropolitan
Area Transit Authority:


Phone:  301-295-0865 (AEGD)

Phone:  301-400-3027/2060 (GPR)

Naval Dental Center

Phone: 910-451-1658 ext. 2230

1st Dental Battalion/Naval Dental Center

CAMP Pendleton, CA (GPR)

Phone:  760-763-8256/760-725-5870

Phone: 760-719-3155

Civilian Clerkships:

A student requesting a Non-AT (civilian) clerkship must have a Master Affiliation Agreement established between the student’s school and the dental facility prior to the clerkship.  A Master Affiliation Agreement covers liability issues during your clerkship.  You need to call the individual site (above) and find out if there is already an agreement in place for your school. It's possible that a previous student from your school established one and it is still in effect.  If one does not exist, you must ask to have one established, which can take 6 months or more to complete.  Please remember, civilian clerkships are an entirely out-of-pocket expense.  You will not be reimbursed for any expenses by the HPSP program.  




Step 2: Scan and send your confirmation letter to the HPSP AT Section via e-mail to using USN.OHSTUDENT@HEALTH.MIL.  You must forward your letter from the clerkship site to accessions at section. No orders will be processed without it.


Step 3: Be sure your Physical Health Assessment and HIV is current.
The Accessions Medical Records Section can provide you with further assistance with this by sending an e-mail to USN.OHSTUDENT@HEALTH.MIL.


Step 4: Apply for your clerkship orders 2 months prior to your clerkship, using the Annual Training Request Form.  


Step 5: After Your Form has been Submitted and Approved by the Accessions AT Section:

A. Travel Itinerary: Once your Annual Training Order Request Form has been processed, SATO, the travel agency for the military, will arrange your flight and lodging, and if approved, your rental car. Your orders and itinerary should be available approximately 10 days prior to your departure date. Members that travel by personal auto (POV )will need to contact N33 for lodging reservation. Contact information for N33 will be in your orders.

B. Certificate of Non-Availability: If there is a Certificate of Non-availability (CNA) number listed in the hotel section of your SATO itinerary, make reservations for lodging at the government commercial lodging rate in the area, making sure to book your room at the government rate listed in your orders. If your itinerary does not have a Certificate of Non-availability (CNA) number on it, you must check in with the Bachelor Officer Quarters office for a room, regardless of what your itinerary says. If a room is available, you MUST reside in it. If no BOQ rooms are available, you must obtain a certificate of non-availability (CNA) stamp on your orders or a letter from the BOQ manager stating that no room is available. This documentation is required in order for you to be reimbursed for commercial lodging. Once you have a CNA, you are authorized commercial lodging in accordance with your orders.

C. No Messing Available Letter: If this following statement is NOT on your orders,


You will need to contact the GME coordinator at the clerkship site to request a no messing available letter, which authorizes per-diem for meals at the full commercial rate in accordance with the orders. Without this authorization, you will only receive a partial per diem rate.

D. If you do not get an itinerary (you are traveling via your own car): Call the Bachelor Officer Quarters reservation desk at the clerkship site and make a reservation. If no rooms are available, make a reservation at a hotel nearby. Make sure the nightly rate does not exceed the government lodging rate you are traveling via your own automobile: You will not get an itinerary. Make sure the nightly rate does not exceed the government lodging rate listed in your orders. You must check in at the BOQ upon arrival at your clerkship site and get a Certificate of Non-availability (CNA) before you can reside at the commercial hotel. If a BOQ room is available you must reside in it.
Step 6: Traveling on Orders:

A. Check-in: Immediately upon arrival at your clerkship site or ODS, report in to your GME coordinator or the ODS Admin Officer at King Hall. Your orders MUST be stamped at the time of check-in with the date of arrival and departure. You must check in on the day you arrive or you will not be paid per diem or lodging for your arrival day. If you need any assistance with your application process please contact us at USN.OHSTUDENT@HEALTH.MIL.


B. Day of Departure: You must have your orders stamped on the actual day of departure if you want to receive per diem and lodging for your last night prior to flying back home.


C. Travel Claim Submission must occur within 5 days of completion of your travel.

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