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Navy Audiologists have a lasting impact on servicemembers’ quality of life. Using state-of-the-art equipment they conduct hearing protection studies to mimic real-world combat and deployment scenarios, moving beyond the clinic setting. Navy Audiologists may take on a variety of important responsibilities, including:
  • Managing hearing conservation programs for aviation, shipboard, federal employees in noise hazardous areas and the USMC.
  • Performing auditory examinations, conduct research and deploy in support of humanitarian efforts.
  • Providing hearing conservation certification courses, monitor compliance to meet readiness benchmarks.
  • Perform routine and advanced auditory examinations.
  • Note possible changes in hearing and instruct on how to properly protect themselves from noise exposures.
  • Diagnose, evaluate and assess the impact of hearing loss on communication.
  • Enhance communication ability through aural rehabilitative support.
  • Ensure the auditory combat readiness of Fleet and Marine personnel.
  • Serve as consultant manager of Navy/Marine Corps Hearing Conservation Programs, demonstrating personal attenuation rates for crews’ hearing protection and ensuring the validity of cranials/tactical helmets and communication devices.

  • 28 Active Duty Audiologists
  • 29 Available Billets

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