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Navy Clinical Psychologists provide clinical care and expert consultation services to service members, families and commands throughout various Navy, Marine Corps and other joint military platforms. Navy Clinical Psychologists provide support to the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Joint Services by:
  • Providing culturally competent preventative services, early intervention, clinical care and consultation services directly to the warfighter and commands through embedded, operational and deployed missions.
  • Conducting seminars, consultation services and executive coaching to help service members, including leadership, maintain positive mental health and command climate.
  • Providing mental health support and psychological first aid after critical incidents.
  • Providing training and mentorship to new generations of psychologists.
  • Serving in leadership and policy positions aimed at sustaining military mental health
Clinical Psychology
For more information about the Clinical Psychology Community, please email:

  • 202 Active Duty Clinical Psychologists
  • 203 Available Billets, 43 training status
  • 44% of billets are EMH/NETC/SPECWAR
  • 11% are new billets (FY21)
  • 31% of Navy Psychologists are board certified VS only 4% of Psychologists nationally

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