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Navy Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)s are independent practice level, mental health clinicians who deliver mental health diagnoses, risk assessments, evidenced based treatment/psychotherapy, and work with a team to assign active duty mental health dispositions –all in direct support of the warfighter, their commands, and their families around the world.
Service as an LCSW in the Navy affords professional opportunity, leadership development, global health perspective and the privilege of serving to defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Navy Clinical Social Workers typically provide:
  • Mental Health diagnosis, risk assessment, psychotherapy, and dispositioning the mental health needs predominately for the active duty warfighter; and, depending on setting, additionally for retired military personnel and their families.
  • Subject matter expertise on psychological readiness to aid mission commanders on maintaining the lethality of the fighting force, the emotional health of their dependents, and the reduction of stigma often linked to mental health.
  • The capacity to deliver clinical evaluation, triage and command consultation often in remote or austere settings.
  • Opportunities to either attend or facilitate professional level trainings and briefs on psychological health topics
Clinical Psychology
For more information about Navy Medicine Clinical Social Worker, please email:

•83 Active Duty Social Workers
•91 Available Billets
•Navy Social Work began with 12 officers commissioned in 1980

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