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Tri-Service Optician School (TOPS)

Mission:  The mission of TOPS is to provide formal optical training to Army Optical Laboratory Specialist MOS (68H) and Navy Hospital Corpsman (NEC L19A) students with quality training through a 24-week, DoD, uniformed services school on the subjects of ophthalmic dispensing, ophthalmic fabrication and clinical optics.  Upon completing the required curriculum, graduates are immediately able to function as an independent optician in any military environment.

Information: Follow link, request access by identifying your role, then access will be Approved with a follow up email.

Documents: College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) - Associate of Science in Health Sciences (ASHS) Degree
CAHS Student Handbook
Army Degree Program

Navy Degree Program

Course Syllabi
OPTIS 1305 Geometric Optics
OPTIS 1309 Ophthalmic Laboratory I
OPTIS 1311 The Visual System
OPTIS 1349 Ophthalmic Laboratory II
OPTIS 1401 Ophthalmic Dispensing
OPTIS 2201 Ophthalmic Techniques
OPTIS 2202 Introduction to Optometry in an Applied Setting
OPTIS 2303 Optical Laboratory
OPTIS 2304 Octical Clinical Practicum
OPTIS 2345 Advanced Ophthalmic Techniques

Eyewear ordering
Naval Ophthalmic Support and Training Activity (NOSTRA)
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