Executive Medical Department Enlisted Course
Description: The Executive Medical Department Enlisted Course (EMDEC) provides Senior Enlisted Leaders with an in-depth overview of Navy Medicine's executive management skill programs, products, services, education, and expanded professional leadership. The course will enhance Senior Enlisted Leader's performance and knowledge required to make the right decisions and plans toward a joint, integrated, premier system of health, supporting those who serve in the defense of our country. This is an opportunity to help shape the future of military medicine through our Senior Enlisted.
EMDEC is the third course in the Executive Medical Department Enlisted Learning Continuum.  The Advanced Medical Department Enlisted Course (AMDEC) Modules 1, 2, and 3 in the first, followed by the Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME-US001) or Primary Professional Military Education (Enlisted: E-7 to E-9).
Target Audience: Senior Enlisted Leaders Paygrade E-7 to E-9 in the Armed Forces who are currently supporting Navy Medicine, Defense Health Agency, and Enhanced Multi-Service Markets.
Training Site:
In-person: Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command, Building 1, Classroom 1731, 8955 Wood Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20889-5611.
Course Information:
Course Number: CIN# B300-1789

Funding: Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command provides full funding for Active Duty personnel with the exception of rental vehicles which is not authorized. Active Duty billeting is at a contract hotel, reservations made by NMLPDC. Select reservists (SELRES) are funding through their Reserve Center (RESCEN), billeting reservations made by the Reserve member.
Duration:  Two weeks/70 hours
Classes/year:  6
Seats available:  36/class
Executive skills:  The Executive Medical Department Enlisted Course is aligned with the executive skill competencies.  For additional information, visit the Joint Medical Executive Skills Program
EMDEC 101: Organizational Structure, Relationships and Policies

EMDEC 102: Utilization and Management of Resources

EMDEC 103: World Events and Geopolitical Consciousness

EMDEC 104: Operational Policies, Procedures, and Strategies

EMDEC 105: Ethical, Legal, and Quality of Elements of Healthcare and Leadership
Course Schedule:
Course Number Start Date End Date Nomination Due Date
22-10 6DEC21 17DEC21 4OCT21
22-20 (Virtual) 31JAN22 11FEB22 29NOV21
22-30 (Virtual) 28FEB22 11MAR22 27DEC21
22-40 4APR22 16APR22 31JAN22
22-50 30MAY22 10JUN22 28MAR22
22-60 6JUL22 15JUL22 9MAY22

-Active Duty: Please complete the student data sheet, save with required digital signatures and email encrypted 
-Reserve Component: Please follow instructions

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SELRES phone: 703-681-5524
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