Patient Administration Course

Description: The Patient Administration Course (PAC) is a four week resident training program that provides entry level training in Patient Administration to eligible MSC officers, senior enlisted, and mid-level to senior civilian personnel working in either the managed care or operational environment. Additionally, the subject matter covered is relevant for MSC officers and senior enlisted standing watch as CDO/AOD/OOD. 

Target Audience: Assignment or projected assignment to a Patient Administration position, operational or in an MTF, in the following grades:
MSC Active Duty - O1 to O3
MSC Reserves - O1 to O4
Enlisted - E7 to E9
Civilian - GS6 to GS11

Training Site:
Onsite - Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Building 1, Classroom 1733, 8955 Wood Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20889-5611
Virtual - Teams (Contact Course Director for additional information)

Course Information:
Course number: CIN #B-6I-0002

Funding: Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command (NMLPDS) provides full funding for Active Duty and GS employees. NMLPDC is not authorized to fund rental cars. Active Duty billeting is at a contract hotel with reservations made by NMLPDC, SELRES are funded by RESCEN, billeting reservations are made by the member. Please click on the following for additional information

Duration: Four weeks/160 hours

Classes/year: 3

Seats available: 30/class

Executive skills: N/A

Curriculum: Topics

Course schedule:
Course Number Start Date End Date Nomination Due Date
22-10 24JAN22 18FEB22 3DEC21
22-20 18APR22 13MAY22 25FEB22
22-30 6JUN22 1JUL22 6MAY22

Active Duty/Civilian - Please complete a student data sheet.  Save the completed sheet, with signatures, and email (encrypted)
Reserve Component - Please follow instructions 

Contact Information:
Course Director
Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command
Building 1, 1st Deck, Room 1733
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
8955 Wood Road

For Selected Reserve (SELRES) Personnel ONLY:
POC: 703-681-5524

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