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Description: The Plans, Operations and Medical Intelligence (POMI) Course is designed as a three-week resident training program that addresses strategies, concepts, and tools necessary for the POMI officer and enlisted staff to grow into a POMI assignment. Topics include, but are not limited to, the POMI responsibilities in an operational unit; tactical, operational, and strategic levels of planning; doctrinal publications; exercise planning; medical intelligence; the federal response system; pertinent threat and capability briefs; geographic/geo-political background briefs; joint health service support assets; Armed Forces Blood Program; logistics; chain of command issues; communication methods; and future initiatives.

Throughout the duration of the course the students participate in a class/group capstone project that culminates in the development and presentation of an Annex Q (Medical Services Annex to an Operations Order) that is based upon a fictitious scenario mimicking real world events.

Target Audience:  Senior Enlisted Personnel (E7-E8) desiring to enter the POMI Community/field by either occupying a POMI billet or en-route to an authorized POMI billet.

Please access additional course information and register at the NMFSC SharePoint site by clicking on the following CAC protected link.


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