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 Financial and Materiel Management Training Course (FMMTC)
Description: FMMTC prepares MSC officers and BUMED identified civil service personnel for assignment to Navy Medical Department's resources and materiel management career fields. Course topics include: DOD/BUMED financial and materiel management organization, budgeting, accounting, business management, equipment management/acquisition, simplified acquisition procedures, contract development/administration, electronic commerce and managed care support/oversight. Student evaluation includes quizzes, module exercises, exams and a final exercise.

Target Audience:
MSC Officers in grades O-1 to O-4 and equivalent grade civil service personnel with projected or current assignment to a BUMED financial and/or materiel management position.  Interested MSC officers are screened by the Resources Management and Materiel Management specialty leaders for eligibility.
Training Site:
On-site – Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command, Building 1, Room 1730, 8955 Wood Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20889-5611
Virtual – Teams (Contact Course Director for additional information)

Course Information:
Course Number: CIN# B-7D-002
Funding: Naval Medical Leader & Professional Development Command provides TAD funding for active duty and civil service attendees.  Lodging is provided at a contract hotel; students are directed to NOT make lodging reservations.  SELRES personnel are funded by the Naval Reserve; lodging for SELRES personnel is arranged by the member.

Duration: 10 weeks
Classes/year: Two
Seats Available: 20/class
Executive Skills: The FMMTC is included in the Joint Medical Executive Skills Program

Course Schedule:
Course Number Start Date End Date Nomination Date
22-20 11JUL22 16SEP22 20MAY22
23-10 30JAN23 7APR23 16DEC23
23-20 10JUL23 15SEP23 19MAY23
Active Duty/Civilian: Please fill out a student data sheet and save completed document with required signatures. Email the completed document encrypted. Interested personnel should contact their respective Specialty Leader prior to submitting registration material.
Reserve Component: For more information, please contact on the following link. SELRES should contact BUMED at 703-681-5524 or email  

Contact Information:
Student Support
Naval Medical Leader and Professional Development Command
Building 1, 1st Deck, Room 1730
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
8955 Wood Road
Commercial:  (301) 295-2355

Joint Medical Executive Skills Program
Navy Medicine Officers
The JMESP website is currently inactive. Please access the following for additional information

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