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How to Order Retiree

** Do not send a copy of your military ID card or put your full SSN on any of the forms as it is a HIPAA violation and could put you at risk for identity theft **

Retirees are entitled to order eyewear annually if they have a TRICARE health 
plan and authorized use of a Military Treatment Facility (MTF). This can be 
done at an MTF, or if over 50 miles from MTF, through NOSTRA's Website. 
Retirees that have alternate health care plans that are not authorized care at 
an MTF must order eyewear through NOSTRA's Website by filling out the DD771 
and providing all information marked in yellow. 
(Further instructions on HOW TO ORDER are listed below the chart)

Click Here to Order

You are authorized to receive one pair of the following standard issued spectacles per year: 
How To Order: Retiree
Note: Retired military personnel, regardless of rank, who require vision correction, are authorized one pair of standard issue spectacles or one pair of half-eye spectacles. Two pairs of spectacles may be issued when professionally determined to be essential by the examining provider. Tinted lens must be prescribed by your Optometrist/ Ophthalmologist
​Frame Lens Type​ Lens Color​
5A​​ frames Distance Vision​​ ​Clear
​Tint (prescribed)
​Bifocal ​Clear
​Tint (prescribed)
​Trifocal (Multifocal) ​Clear
​Tint (prescribed)
5AM​ frames (nose pads) Distance Vision ​Clear
​Tint (prescribed)
​Bifocal Clear
​Tint (prescribed)
​Trifocal (Multifocal) ​Clear
​Tint (prescribed)
​Half Eye frames ​Distance Vision ​Clear
​Tint (prescribed)
​Bifocal ​Clear
​Tint (prescribed)
​Trifocal (Multifocal) ​Clear
​Tint (prescribed)
Please ensure to do the following steps when ordering.
  • Open the DD-771 form found on the standard issue frame ordering section of our web site (this form is created so you can save the information that you type into it).
  • Fill out all sections highlighted in yellow and make sure to save the form with the information you added.
  • Print the partially completed form, and take this with you to your eye exam. 
  • Ensure that the examining facility writes your prescription on the form and includes your pupillary distance (PD). 
  • If your examining facility needs eyesize, bridge or temple information, they may find this information on our web site. 
  • If you currently have standard issue frames please provide the frame size and temple length. (found inside the frame) 
  • There must be a DD-771 form for each request for eyewear.

Send the following information to NOSTRA:
  • One copy of the completed DD771 form (orders are subject to a DEERS eligibility check)
  • Your mailing address, daytime phone number and email address if available 
  • You may submit your order for eyewear by email, fax or standard mail.
  • Email your order to:
  • Fax your order to: 757-887-4647. 
  • Make sure you write: “Retiree Order” on the fax. 
  • Please call NOSTRA Customer Service at (757) 887-7600 option 1 if you have any additional questions.
Standard Mail to:
NOSTRA Customer Service
160 Main Road, STE 350
Yorktown, VA 23691-9984 
You may also call NOSTRA Customer Service Department if you have any problems or questions or you can email us at: 

Our Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1600 EST. 
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