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Recent Publications:
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Sullivan KS, Park Y, Richardson S, Stander V, Jaccard J. The role of problem solving appraisal and support in the relationship between stress exposure and posttraumatic stress symptoms of military spouses and service member partners. Stress Health. 2024 Jan 6. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38183368
Sturdy JT, Rizeq HN, Silder A, Sessoms PH, Silverman AK. Concentric and eccentric hip musculotendon work depends on backpack loads and walking slopes. J Biomech. 2024 Jan;163:111942. PMID: 38219556
Kubala AG, Roma PG, Jameson JT, Sessoms PH, Chinoy ED, Rosado LR, Viboch TB, Schrom BJ, Rizeq HN, Gordy PS, Hirsch LDA, Biggs LAT, Russell DW, Markwald RR. Advancing a U.S. navy shipboard infrastructure for sleep monitoring with wearable technology. Appl Ergon. 2024 Jan 13;117:104225. PMID: 38219375
Kline AC, McCabe CT, Campbell JS, Walter KH. Residual posttraumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms following a residential posttraumatic stress disorder treatment program for U.S. active duty service members. Psychol Trauma. 2024 Jan 18. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38236229
Nichter B, Hill ML, Fischer I, Panza KE, Kline AC, Na PJ, Norman SB, Rowcliffe M, Pietrzak RH. Firearm storage practices among military veterans in the United States: Findings from a nationally representative survey. J Affect Disord. 2024 Apr 15;351:82-89. Epub 2024 Jan 26. PMID: 38280567
LaGoy AD, Kubala AG, Seech TR, Jameson JT, Markwald RR, Russell DW. Steps toward developing a comprehensive fatigue monitoring and mitigation solution: perspectives from a cohort of United States Naval Surface Force officers. Sleep Adv. 2024 Jan 29;5(1):zpae008. PMID: 38425454
Looney DP, Lavoie EM, Notley SR, Holden LD, Arcidiacono DM, Potter AW, Silder A, Pasiakos SM, Arellano CJ, Karis AJ, Pryor JL, Santee WR, Friedl KE. Metabolic Costs of Walking with Weighted Vests. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2024 Jan 31. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38291646


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     Latest News Release:

    Dec 12, 2023
    John B. Marciano
    Public Affairs Officer, Naval Health Research Center

    SAN DIEGO – Research scientists from Naval Health Research Center’s (NHRC) Operational 
    Readiness directorate joined forces with San Diego Unified School District’s Health Career and 
    College Symposium on Thursday Dec 7th

    More than 300 students selected from the school district’s Pathways Program, representing 23 schools participated in the event at the University of San Diego Park and Market venue in downtown San Diego. NHRC scientists gave hands-on demonstrations of research techniques 
    and allowed students to interact with laboratory instrumentation for the tabling event part of the day long program. 

    “It was encouraging for me to see such genuine engagement by the students,” said Capt. Eric R. 
    Welsh, commanding officer, NHRC. “We will definitely continue to work together with San Diego Unified School District on future STEM outreach. The event program and venue were top notch.” 

    Supporting STEM programs is a fundamental part of NHRC’s community outreach effort. Throughout the year the command hosts lab tours for grade school students, graduate  students, teachers, and university professors providing guidance, inspiration, and pathways to successful careers as research scientists. NHRC’s mission is to optimize military operational readiness through cutting-edge research on  warfighter, veteran, and family health, and has been designated as the Department of Defense  Deployment health Research Center since 1999. Our distinguished scientists and researchers consist of active-duty service members, federal civil service employees and contractors, whose expertise includes physiology, microbiology, psychology, operations research and data science, epidemiology and public health, and biomedical engineering. 

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